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Thread: Norway -- Camping on The Fjord

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    Norway -- Camping on The Fjord

    Lofthus Camping

    N-5781 Lofthus, Norway

    Phone: (+47) 53 66 13 64
    Fax: (+47) 53 66 15 00
    Mobil: (+47) 90 62 84 14

    I haven't found too many camping places in Norway with reasonable prices, but this one looks like a winner. Figure prices at 6 kroner (NOK) to the dollar.

    I haven't ever been there, but if I were going I'd take the coastal boat (Hurtigruten ferry) that let's you on/off whenever you want. Then I'd tour a bit, load the bike back on and repeat the process all along the coast.

    Or better, take a bike one way and then cruise back.


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