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Thread: How to camp in the rain

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    Re: How to camp in the rain

    I think I need to make one of those light weight canopies out of waterproof rip-stop nylon. Probably be less expensive than one of those expensive ready made ones. Plus it can be custom sized. (and colored) I don't like trying to set up or decamping in the rain.

    A camping trip in the Catskill mountains of NY comes to mind. The rain caught me unaware. Places like that you don't see it coming over the mountain until it is right on top of you. THEN, each of the the raindrops were enough to fill a tea cup and chilled to just this side of freezing. I was soaked to the bone in the space of about 2 heartbeats. I might have stayed drier if I would have jumped into the lake just to get out of the rain....seriously!

    So for now I just stay a day after a significant rain and let things dry up a bit before packing it in. Mostly I've been lucky not having to set up in significant rain. (some sprinkles or very light rain but nothing heavy)

    I stayed an extra day after the CycleMoore birthday bash to even let the dew dry up.
    BTW, a 1500 watt hair blow drier makes a great tent heater. A slightly elevated temperature inside the tent helped to keep dew from forming on top of the tent.
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    Re: How to camp in the rain

    Quote Originally Posted by bandito2 View Post
    ..... BTW, a 1500 watt hair blow drier makes a great tent heater. A slightly elevated temperature inside the tent helped to keep dew from forming on top of the tent.
    If you have the room, an oscillating 750/1500 watt fan heater would not only be a lot quieter/safer, it would also throw out more volume of drying air and does double duty as a cooling fan.

    I picked a used one up at a thrift shop for $4.95 and it works great for all those purposes.
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    Re: How to camp in the rain

    Many good Ideas here. Traveling across this country many times and been in all sorts of weather I have done things I thought I never would..

    I usually travel secondary roads and ride through small towns.

    Pulled into a KOA in a bad down pour to camp. Owner let me throw my small ground cloth on the floor of a squeaky clean bathroom floor so I could sleep in my bag and stay dry since I was leaving the next day.

    Rain on the weekends and traveling, I'll sleep in my sleeping bag wrapped with my small tarp under a bank drive through or even in a car wash bay. Using my MC to block off vehicle access. Nobody washes their car when it's raining.

    The best one is to find a U-haul dealer and ask to sleep in the back of one of the trucks or trailers. I carry a small padlock for different things, and it works great to put in the door lock so no one can lock you in. I also keep the door open with a piece of wood or a rock whatever is available. I even offered to pay and never been charged. I'm usually out of there at day break.

    For camping in the rain, I do as others here always a big tarp, umbrella, and a 3/4 length very light rain coat. Don't worry about my feet so much and only wet from the knees down and don't have to get in and out of my rain suit. I use the rain suit when I,m riding.

    In small towns, people are friendly and if you appear trustworthy when taking to older people at cafes or restaurants I've been offered to stay in a warehouse, metal barn and even as a guest in their RV parked out side their home.

    I try not to wait to late in the day when it's raining to start looking for a play to stay out of the rain. On some occasions I've used a motel but just don't like paying $8 to $12 an hour when all I gonna do is sleep, I'm not into the TV, Internet or Phone when I'm traveling.

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    Re: How to camp in the rain

    Hmm, I've used both car wash's and bank overhangs to take a break in the rain, but I don't think I would be comfortable doing so to sleep in. Still and all some good suggestions.

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    Re: How to camp in the rain

    I always carry a tarp. It has so many uses. Quick and easy to cover the bike and tent when needed, can also be used as a shelter when setting up the tent is not the best option.
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    Re: How to camp in the rain

    1. Do the same things you always do.
    2. Do them faster.

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