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Thread: Hillside Campground Clinton, Ohio

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    Hillside Campground Clinton, Ohio

    This is a second rate campground located pretty far from anything. With all of the other campgrounds (KOA, private, State) really no reason to be here.
    First, they DO NOT allow motorcycles on the grounds. You have to park at the office and walk all of your gear in.
    Second, this is a typical Seasonal campground, meaning most of the campers have been there awhile and have acquired clutter, sheds, and all sorts of trash (however, didn't see any cars on blocks). Some sites are well maintained, some arent'
    The fishing area is quickly becoming a swamp. I was constantly getting snagged on lilly pads or seaweed. And the only fish I caught were small bluegill or sunfish.
    The roads within the campground are dirt and small to large rocks, not conducive to motorcycles if they were even let in.

    My recommendation? Avoid this whether on a bike or in your car. Leave it to the seasonal people, you can do much better elsewhere. It IS a campground, so I give it a 1 out of 5, but only for that reason.
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    Re: Hillside Campground Clinton, Ohio

    I live near point pelee national park. I found a nice lil c/g near there and started carcamping there severL years ago... I used to camp right near the creek bed edge.. The last time I went sill be the last time I camp there! They sold all the creek bed area to RVers and now have permanent sites with cemented driveways installed!!!! Yet the mIn roads remain dirt..they never did allow bikes in there as many years ago there was trouble from some.... So they gave me a site left for renters and not maintained with goose poop droppings.. It was horrible! I don't have much good to say about RV c/g's Nd refrain from using them as they r not for me anyway ...

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    Re: Hillside Campground Clinton, Ohio

    Hello Apopj,

    We are very sorry that your stay at our campground was less than desireable. We allow motorcycles now and our roads have been improved. We have made many improvements to the campground and our sites. If you are ever out riding and need a place to stay we hope that you will try us one more time.

    Thank you,
    Sarah H.
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