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Thread: Aspen factory shout out.

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    Aspen factory shout out.

    We noticed our new to us 04 classic had the hinges starting to pull out from the board. Being new to the camper and not sure if I caused it, I called Aspen and set up and appointment to have them look it over and suggest any improvements to get it closer to today's models. We arrived a 9am at the El Paso, IL site and were promptly met by the tech. We opened it up and he checked things over suggesting a few things they have changed in 12 years. The hinges were just a result of the rivets pulling through the board over time, nothing we did.

    I have the say that it was the best repair service that we have ever had. No pressure the buy things just suggestions on what has improved. They were not in a rush to get us out of there and were happy to answer any questions we had. He spent most of the day upgrading the hinges and adding the other options we decided on. They went over the tent and seam sealed where it looked like it needed it. Besides the hinges, we added the fly over the back window, a prop rod for the basement door and a grab handle, added another strap over the tent when it is folded up, and new latches for outside basement door.

    I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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    Re: Aspen factory shout out.

    Good to hear.

    Brady normally makes it to our IL M&G every year and brings the latest model he has available. He has listened to our suggestions and some of the modifications we have made and has incorporated them into the building of the newer models. they are good people at Aspen.
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