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Thread: Belle Fourche, SD campground review.

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    Belle Fourche, SD campground review.

    I've been out to South Dakota to ride the Black Hills, probably 20+ times in the last 13 years. I've attended the last 13 Sturgis rallies, and camped each time.
    My favorite place to stay in South Dakota is Wyatt's Hideaway in Belle Fourche, (pronounced, bell foosh). Belle Fourche is about 11 miles north of Spearfish, and 20 minutes from Sturgis. There is plenty of tent space, and each space has a fire ring and a picnic table. They have a huge shower house/bathroom, and I've never been without hot water. The price for tent camping during the rally is $20.00 per person/per night. The rates just changed for the first time since they've opened. The campground is quiet and secure.
    I experienced the best kind of people at Wyatt's one year. A group of us were staying there and we were out for our typical after breakfast ride. We stopped for a break about 2 hours after we left the campground. I couldn't find my wallet or my checkbook. I realized I'd left them on the picnic table at our tent site. I rode back to Wyatt's and found them still sitting on the table, right where I left them. All my cash was still in my wallet. I noticed a couple of guys from the CMA a few sites away. They were watching me go through the wallet. They walked over and said that they notice my stuff sitting out and that they had been keeping an eye on it all morning. I thanked them and offered them a reward or beer money, and they wouldn't take any. My trip would have been OVER that day if I had lost my money. If we had been staying anywhere else the wallet and checkbook would have been gone before we got out of the campground.

    I've stayed in 4 other campground during the rally over the years, and nothing even comes close. Some of the campgrounds are only open during rally week, Wyatt's is open year round.
    One had no hot water the entire time we were there. Another had 3 showers for hundreds of campers, and if you weren't there first thing in the morning you'd be stuck with a coolish shower. Yet another had NO shade and no level ground to pitch a tent on. One was close to the quality of Wyatt's but the facilities just couldn't keep up with the demand. It was an OK place to stay during non-rally visits to SD.

    I'll be at Wyatt's again this year at rally time too!!

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    Re: Belle Fourche, SD campground review.

    I stayed at that campground several years ago during the rally also. It is a great place and the shower/restrooms were especially clean for a campground during Sturgis!
    We will be staying there this year also if we make it up.

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    Re: Belle Fourche, SD campground review.

    I don't usually make reservations, but then I camp with a group of about 5 other guys, and one of them usually calls ahead. If you don't make reservations, I don't think you'll have a problem, if you're going to ride there and camp. It maybe different if you trailer the bike behind a truck or motor-home. You could always call Kent and ask how full they think they'll be. There is a lot of tent space.
    They have a lot of change over during the rally. Many people arrive early and go home early. Some arrive late and stay later. I kind of prefer to arrive later in the week. I can still buy my collectible memorabilia and the crowds seem to pull out by Friday night or Saturday morning. Riding the Black Hills is a lot easier after 400,000 people go home!


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