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Thread: Hungary - Magyar Route 66 (Camping & Pension)

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    Hungary - Magyar Route 66 (Camping & Pension)

    Magyar Route 66

    About 150 miles due east of Vienna (Wien) is Szilvasvarad, Hungary. That's where yet again another enterprising Dutchman and his companion have created a biker-only campsite and pension properties (apparently four in all).

    The updated multi-lingual website will give you particulars. They've recently spruced it up with nice organization and more images...quite a nice place!

    Miskolci ut 79-81
    3348 Szilvasvarad
    Tel:/Fax: 0036-36-355-726
    Cellphone (Leen): 0036-30-225-7709
    Cellphone (Bea): 0036-30-286-8835

    email:, but reservations and inquiries can be done on the revamped website.

    Accommodations & Prices/range

    Note: all prices are for 2010.
    • Camping: 8 Euros/person/night, including shower.
    • Pension (room sizes vary, up to an 8-person room, showers included): 20 Euros/person/night
    • Breakfast: 5 Euros/person
    • Limited meal menu
    Open Season/Times
    Year round, 7 days/week

    Services & Amenities
    • Swimming pool
    • Service area with tools and washbay
    • Washing machine
    • Weekly BBQ or Goulasch feed
    • Enduro bike rental (w/fuel) and riding area: 20 Euros/hour
    • Western-style horseback riding
    • Guided bike tours on request
    ... it looks as though they've done away with the Trabant drive for 2010...

    The Magyar Route 66 website has more details and pictures. There's also nicely done English info. on northern Hungary, including Szilvasvarad, here. Szilvasvarad, where these folks are at, is at the top of the blue "Eger" region on their map.
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    Re: Hungary - Magyar Route 66 (Camping & Pension)

    We stayed there in 2008 and can highly recommend them. The owners were very helpful and knowledgeable.

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