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Thread: Switzerland - Beating The Gnomes at Home

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    Switzerland - Beating The Gnomes at Home

    Switzerland - Beating The Gnomes at Home


    Switzerland's unparalleled landscape and charm is probably the first image we have when talking about biking the Old Country. It's a synonym for carving your imaginary way through the Alps.

    Yes, CH is pricey. But camping your way through this idyllic little land can make it bearable. Switzerland has done a lot to encourage "soft tourism" -- environmentally more tolerable ways to enjoy what it has to offer. While most European auto tourists have done CH and are just passing through on their way to the warm digs of Italy, we motorcampers are very welcome. So there's a nice range of less costly ways to do Switzerland, from biker-friendly hotels right down to tenting and even sleeping with the cows ("Schlaf im Stroh" - sleep in the straw).

    We'll expand on all of these here soon, so stay tuned...
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