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Thread: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

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    Germany - Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping (Taunus)

    Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    65307 Bad-Schwalbach - Ramschied (Taunus)

    Tel.: 06124 / 9297
    Fax: 06124 / 702750


    The Wisperpark has completely redone their web info. for 2010, and although it shows an English link there's little really there. Prices are in both English and German, but little else. For 2010, I've dropped the link to the bar/restaurant (Bar/Gaststaette) menu, etc., as there's nothing explicitly shown any more. It's still offered, but no information is shown.

    But they still welcome bike campers!

    Open Season/Times
    Year 'round
    Bar/Restaurant/Office hours: Weekdays, 4pm - 10pm; Saturdays from 10 am - 10 pm.; Sun./Holidays, 10 am - 8 pm

    Camping Accommodations & Prices
    Note: posted prices are generally unchanged for 2010.

    Wisper Park offers a full range of camping, from tenters to long-term campers (some have regular mini-cabins they return to each year). Guest rooms are also available. Reservations are a must. There's a one-time "entry charge" of 1.50 Euros. Additional fees are on a "pay for what you use" basis:
    • Adult individual fee: 3.20 Euros/daily
    • Vehicle (motorcycle): .60 Euros (60 cents)
    • Tent sites (no breakfast): 2.60 Euros
    • Warm shower (timed, approx. 7 minutes): .50 Euros (50 cents)
    You can also pay a blanket charge of 3 Euros daily and avoid being "nickeled and dimed" with itemized charges. As usual, tenters provide their own bedding/bags and towels.

    Services & Amenities
    • Bar & Restaurant
    • Breakfast buffet (extra charge)
    • Outdoor beer garden (season/weather permitting)
    • Lounge w/fireplace
    • Grilling, refrigerator
    • Campfire places and wood fuel
    • Washer/dryer
    • Garage, tools, high-pressure washer
    By prearrangement, take-along sandwiches and group meal accommodations can also be had.
    Wisper Park is located in the Taunus hills, midway between Wiesbaden/Frankfurt and the most scenic part of the Rhine River valley. This strategic location is great for riding the Rhine and (to my mind, even neater) Mosel River valley without having to pay the high local prices. If you're so inclined, there's bus service between Lorch on the Rhine (west) and Bad Schwalbach just to the east three times daily, and the usual (for Germany) local open-air market on Saturday in nearby Heidenrod-Kemel from 8 am to 1 pm.
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    Re: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    Nice!.. thank you sir.

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    Re: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    Nice! I don't see myself getting over to motocamp in Europe anytime soon... but it is fun to check this stuff out. Thanks!
    <<<< Willville in April

    '99 ST1100

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    Re: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    Thanks, and like Dave said, not anytime soon here either..

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    Re: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    I was stationed near Frankfurt in 1962,have spent many good times in the Tanus you dont know what you would be missing by not touring that area. Those were the days when all I had to ride was an old moped I picked up for 20.00 bucks had to peddle it to get started. I worked on the engine and could do about 40 mph down hill. Never got a speeding ticket. It
    was a great ride, better than a bicycle. The only problem was with the narrow tires, [like bicycle tires] you had to be careful or the wheel would drop down in the void on the trolly tracks and you would do a highside over the bars.


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    Re: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    I was in that area a year ago, beautiful country with unbelievable roads. Unfortunatly my ride was a 10 passenger van.

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    Re: Wisper Park Forest Guest Camping

    One of these years!!!! I think I'll go the rental route instead of taking mine over.

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