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Thread: Deal on a small pot set.

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    Deal on a small pot set.

    Brunton I.B. Cook Set $19.99

    The Brunton I.B. cook set is a compact, lightweight (9.4 ounces) set of cooking pots that are ideal for camping or hiking.

    Constructed of hard anodized aluminum that allows for effiecient heat transfer during cooking. Both pots feature silcone coated folding handles, they are stackable for both storage and to create a double boiler, the shallow pot is 27 ounces and the larger pot is 33 ounces.

    Included is one slotted lid that allows steam to be released during cooking or can be used to drain fluid from the pot and a drawstring mesh bag.

    If I was looking for a small pot set I would pick one of these up.
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    Re: Deal on a small pot set.

    Neat looking set but I'm not a big fan of aluminum. But then if your not using it every day I don't think it would be too bad.
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