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Thread: My best Snack food

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    My best Snack food

    Nuts & seeds!!!

    I like: raw shelled pecans, dry roasted almonds, shelled, roasted, unsalted, sunflower seeds (these are inexpensive , shelled peanuts, cashews.

    The Nuts idea has worked very well for me for years and years. They have a whole lot of food value is a small, non-refrigerated, non-breakable packages. You can re-stock just about any store anywhere, slip opened packages into zip-lock baggies.

    AND, YES, by all means add Chocolate chips (if you have any left over that is)
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    Re: My best Snack food

    I like to add a little more to the nuts and seeds and make trail mix. My favorite mix is almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds (shelled), dried pineapple, craisins, and m&m's or similar.

    I also like fruit like apples, bananas (if you can keep them from getting squished),

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    Re: My best Snack food

    While I used to go to the 'Bulk Foods' type stores/aisles to make my own, I now by mine from Walmart, as it's got just about everything I used to make my own with. IIRC, it's called Mountain Trail Mix and is under their "Great Value' house brand and goes for $4.99 for a good sized, resealable bag.

    Another favorite is my home made Cajun beef jerky.
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    Re: My best Snack food

    I'm with Ken on this one. I've usually got two bags of the Wally World trail mix around. One at home and one in my desk at work. It's pretty good stuff.

    And for a little treet when I can find it is some Landjäger.
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    Re: My best Snack food

    I rarely leave the house without a bag of trail mix.

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    Re: My best Snack food

    I like the dried fruits added to the trail mix.


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    Re: My best Snack food

    What you guys said and banana's as they dont have to be kept cold and they hold a lot in a little package
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    Re: My best Snack food

    Landjäger: "hunter's sausage". It is smoked, so it does not need refrigeration. (yes, i had to look it up, he sez, as he hangs his head in shame)

    Great idea

    Trail mixes and gorps dont work for my tastes, usually. Maybe wally-world stuff would be more to my liking, but i think i'll be sticking with dry raw nuts from Trader Joe's.

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    Re: My best Snack food

    Quote Originally Posted by Aldawg View Post
    This is my favorite snack!
    You're gonna get the whole thread deleted with pictures like that ...

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    Re: My best Snack food

    That looks might yummy to me Aldawg
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