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Thread: 14 B-fast ideas

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    14 B-fast ideas

    for me....

    1st thing: It goes without saying: STRONG coffee, ideally boiling 4 to 6 cups of water, and brewing (or buying from a locally owned shop)

    2nd thing: i dont like doing dishes, particularly in the morning. So fast and easy is highly preferred.

    3rd thing: i dont like donuts or pastries, so, that mean i want something real in my belly.... or, nothing at all... & waiting to have a brunch.

    things i typical eat for B-fast:
    - boiled egg, or two (only if they are previously prepared, and i'm feeling my normal lazy self)
    - B-fast burrito (only if previously made, w potatoes, partly-frozen, rapped in alum-foil) This is another lazy option, but it does take longer than options below.
    - single fried egg and toast (short-fast, but one dirty pan)
    - fried eggs w tortillas & salsa. i do this if i am willing to make extras, & wrap leftovers into Burritos, pack in foil w butter, for the next day's Bfast.
    - Hot Cocoa, dark, rich (high milk-fat) & a granola bar with peanut butter on top. (this is really one of my favorites)
    - granola w milk or chocolate milk. Or without anything; dry is fine with me
    + couple of eggs, cracked into pan with 1/4 serving of last night's dinner (a big favorite of mine, as eggs goes great with: STEAK , or traces of chili, or shrimp, or bratwurst chunks, or the spicy sausage in red sauce i saved out from the pasta dish from last night) (hey, there is still one one pan to wash, but huge number of options, and ... well, steak and eggs is a the best!!
    - granola bar, or two, ideally chocolate-chip, with or without peanut butter.
    - Dark chocolate bar... with, yes you guessed it.... peanut butter on top.
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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    and, Yes, i am hoping to see other people's ideas, as i am planning 3 trips this coming summer

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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    Instant oatmeal (maple flavored) works for me much of the time, along with a cup of coffee.


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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    Coffee made in the French Press, Oatmeal for me.
    Only takes 2 pots of hot water including cleanup.

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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    Eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy. More pans to clean up but that is my favorite breakfast. Instant oatmeal when I'm feeling lazy. And of course, gots to have my coffee.
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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by BeemMeUp View Post
    Eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy. More pans to clean up but that is my favorite breakfast. Instant oatmeal when I'm feeling lazy. And of course, gots to have my coffee.
    Yes sir. The meal that I love also....
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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    We eat the same stuff we eat at home.

    Me; black coffee, toasted bagel with butter, banana, and either an orange or grapefruit.

    She; coffee with half and half, instant oatmeal with a little Silk and Craisins (dried cranberries) and an apple.

    Keeps us satisfied till lunch.

    If we need to get going early, we use paper plates/bowls to keep cleanup quick.

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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    Some good ideas!
    Here are some of my favorites (besides the ones already mentioned)
    -toast and butter is always good!
    -I don't drink coffee but I do like some hot apple cider made from instant packages
    -peanut butter and honey sandwich!
    -instant cream-of-wheat
    -if the kid are with me, they seem to like pancakes (instant mix only needs water)
    -and of course fruit, when it's hot out ... grapefruit, apples, bananas

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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    Another vote for bisquits and gravy if I have the time to clean up. I use the Southeastern Mill pepper gravy and bisquick. I have one of those vacuum sealers and split it up into single serving quantities.
    If I'm in a hurry, I also have a pie iron with shortened handles. It is just the right size to balance on top of the MSR stove. I put in a slice of bread, a slice of cheese, one egg (or egg beater) and another slice of bread.

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    Re: 14 B-fast ideas

    A vote for the flavored Quaker Instant Oatmeal, with extra Granola/raisins/blueberries added, along with a couple of those mini bagels toasted on my GSI folding toaster (that Gary gave me at last year's North Woods Camp Out ), topped with butter and peanut butter along with a hot bevy of choice.

    That and some Mountain Trail Mix and/or Granola bars will keep me going through to dinner
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