This campground (6.5 miles east of Austin) is suitable for an overnight stay, when caught out on Hwy 50, which is called 'The Loneliest Highway in America.

The campsites are not very attractive, but most have a mature Pinyon pine, or two, for some sort of shade.

All campsites have a picnic table and a fire ring. There are a couple(?) of vault toilets and a few water spigots scattered throughout the campground. No showers, electric, or WiFi. If you are needing some supplies, the nearby town of Austin is not far away

When you enter the campground, you'll 1st pass by the group camping area on your left, which can be reserved. If it isn't reserved, you can use it. Although it sits in a bit of a 'sink hole', that area does provide more/better shade than most other sites, but just be aware that this area will collect water, in the rather rare event of rain.

Although the campground is somewhat elevated from Hwy 50 and traffic noise can be heard throughout the campground, there isn't much traffic once night falls.

Speaking of night ... amazing display of the stars are available here, as you are in the middle of nowhere and thus very little light pollution!
I met a couple here (of all places! ) that I know from a different forum and we were watching some fighter jets maneuvering through the night sky, when they all hit their afterburners and lit up the night sky. Awesome display! (little did I know then that I would bump into and camp with them for 4 days, up in Idaho )

Because of the hot dry conditions, I chose to once again just lay my sleeping pad on top of a picnic table and 'star gaze'..

Not the prettiest campground, but it is a place to get off of the road and has decent views of the hills/mountains in the area.

Conditions when I stayed here on Aug 16, 2011. Clear, sunny and temps during the day were a very reasonable 82*. Night temps dropped to lower 60s.

Cost per Night: - $10

Campground Info: - scott

Google Maps Location: - GPS Coordinates: - 39.457767, -116.994405

Mark and Nina

Hwy 50 - "The Loneliest Highway in America"