This is a very 'no frills' spot to rest your head if you get caught out in this area at nightfall. The only redeeming factor (beside the view) is that it is FREE!

This 'campground' is actually more like a gravel parking lot, located at the southern end of the Fresno Reservoir.
Turn north off of Hwy 2, onto the paved Fresno Reservoir Rd, which is roughly 12mi west of downtown Havre. Travel 2.3 mi and turn left onto gravel road.
We chose to stay under the covered picnic shelter, above the boat ramp, as the vault toilet there was very clean, unlike the 'zoo', down by the 'beach', which was packed.
The actual camping spot, is just a gravel parking lot that was jammed with RVs and is located off of the steep gravel road down to the 'beach area', just a little to the west of the boat ramp area. Apparently, this is a very popular fishing area and the beach area was packed (probably with locals)
While there is a small grassy area by the beach, it's slope is not very conducive to pitching a tent. Besides, if it were to rain, all the water would funnel down through that area. The vault toilet there was disgusting. Taking all this into consideration, we decided to retreat over to the gravel parking lot area, over by the boat ramp, which was much quieter!
We were treated with a beautiful sunset out over the reservoir!

As for facilities, - there are a few picnic tables, a couple of vault toilets, a picnic shelter ..... and that's it.
Take note that there is no potable water (which I knew about, so we picked up a couple of gallon jugs in Havre, on the way through)

Time of visit was Wed. July 6/2011 (shortly after July 4th, so that could account for it being so busy?)

Conditions - Sunny, clear skies and hot, with temps of 106*. Flies were pretty healthy around sunset

Fresno Reservoir Info: -

Cost/Night: - FREE!

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