Refering to the previous post on French Camp...
Rock Creek is a 9 mile road from Toms Place to Mosquito Flats that has 8-10 seperate campgrounds. French Camp at the bottom and Rock Creek Lake at the top 9200 ft. Just below Rock Creek Campground is East Fork Rock Creek. This campground is only 2nd in size to French Camp. 130 sites. Some pretty rough (not motorcycle friendly) and some right down next to the Creek itself are very nice. The Camp "Managers are excellent" Ed who was near our site was very friendly and broght us firewood in his golf cart. The creek sports some really nice fishing and my partner got the catch of the trip with a nice 12 inch Native Golden Trout.

Rock Creek

About a mile up the road is Rock Creek Lake a very nice place. Always go here with a fishn pole, the trout are great.

Note: These campgrounds are seasonal and several of them in Rock Creek are closed for the season. When we were there Sept 17-20 there were about 30 campers in a 130 campground. Rock Creek Lake was full.