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Thread: Packing for 2 Up?

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    Packing for 2 Up?

    I've done some weekenders 2-up and manage without a problem. I've been wondering about a longer ride, though. How do the rest of you manage to pack a week's worth of goodies for two without a trailer? I know you guys with the tourers have plenty of space, I'm wondering about doing it with a sport-tourer...

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    Compression Sacks will help. New to camping here with an ST1300 and only camped 2 up for the weekend but with a compression sack I was able to compress a 20degree sleeping bag to about the size of a full face helmet. Also helps to shop at a backbacking store because they know how to pack small and light.

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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    Sorry no help here, my SO will not ride 2 up to go camping. We take the truck. I'm trying to talk her into getting a bike but no luck so far.
    Trailace/ Rick
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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    At least she goes camping with you, Rick. Keep working on her!

    Good advice, Bill. Even solo I use compression bags. One for my tent, one for the sleeping bag.

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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    We have been both been car camping since we were kids, and still enjoy camping since our marriage. I have been trying to get Lisa to bike camp with me for years. She has finally decided to try it, now comes the 2 up gear issue. I have seen these u-pacs on GS's for years, but never thought about purchasing one as the wife never went with me. After looking at the dimensions (and deciding the rear seat was to wide on the ST1300) I decided to call, sure enough they will build to my specs for just a few dollars more than stock. I have been out of town working for a week and haven't called back with dimensions, but I think this is my resolution for the 2 up gear issue. I will give a review when possible, hopefully this season!

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    Smile Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    I have read thru this post a couple of times...and have a couple of questions. I was wondering if you were talking about a weeks worth of stuff 2-up camping, or are you talking a week long trip, staying in hotels and eating out? I don't think we have ever gone longer than a weekend with just the bike packed.. Any longer than that, we have the trailer with us. If we were going to be staying in hotels, and eating out every night, I could easily see just packing the clothes and personal items in the bike. Trying to go camping with everything on the bike, I couldn't imagine it, even with the Wing. The compression sacks sound like a good idea, although my stove, lantern, kitchen utensils, food, hatchet, chairs and beer will not fit well in a compression sack LOL .
    As for me, I am the SO of Goldwinggl.. I love riding on the bike, and I love camping...though if it was a smaller bike, or we didnt have a trailer, I am not sure how it would work. I am spoiled having all that room on the back seat.
    I at one time wondered about having my own bike. I even took the course, just never had a bike back then to keep learning. Now that I a comfortable passenger on the back seat, I am not sure I want all the responsibility of my own bike. I have enough sitting on the back, being a lookout for stupid drivers.
    I am not a high maintainence kind of girl camper...I love the secluded out of the way spots, and dont mind using the bushes, I do however, like to have my comfortable camping chair, a stove, and all the good food and drinks that go along with sitting around the campfire. Maybe you could talk your SO's into going with you then !!!!

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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    I am talking a weeklong camping trip, That is after we get the gear situated. This will take a couple of day-2 day trips. I have traveled 17 days solo, camping with all the accouterments mentioned above. I do not think my 2 burner stove will make the 2 up gear and it will be missed. You get used to cooking and making coffee at the same time!

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    Thumbs up Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    2-up trip..I outfitted the bike for a 3 week trip to New England. We camped some and every third to fourth night grabbed a hotel room inorder to clean up/ wash cloths, and soak in a jaccuzzi.

    Bike: 04 ST1300 with Givi top box plus tank bag.

    All items fit in bags...nothing "tied on".

    Left side bag:

    Mountain Hardware 2 tent plus ground cloth (poles stored seperate from bag inorder to take better advantage of the space in the side case)
    Thermarest prolite 3 (rolled up with a compression strap)
    Thermarest prolite 4 (rolled up with a compression strap)

    Top Box:
    2 Widder electric vests and control
    Spare helmet speaker and electical tool kit
    2 sets of spare gloves
    2 sets of rain grear
    2 sleeping bags 1- Cabella's Boundry Water 20 degree bag down bag, 2- 15 + yr old down feather bag.
    2 com pression sacks (medium size)

    Snow Peak pot with lid
    pocket rocket stove
    msr fuelcanister
    2 plastic spoons

    The stove itself and fuel fit inside the snow peak pot. The pot comes with a mesh bag which the spoons went in the mesh bag.

    Small coffee press - don't recall the brand
    2 piece plastic wine goblet...base unsrews and serves a top for the glass...can also store honey packets, matches, etc in the glass.

    Zip lock bag with tea/creamer/coffee/honey packets

    Zip lock bag with instant oatmeal and instant soups

    Yes all this fit in the Givi E52 top box...we wore the electric vests each day except for the 1st and last days traveling from our Texas home.

    Right side case: her clothing

    Tank Bag: (matching tank bra and bag pan-europen)

    my clothing and radio gear...and occasional bottle of wine. We'd pick up either a canned or freezed dried item each day for dinner that night...stuff the extra food stuff in my tank bag.

    The hardest part of the packing was the clothing for cold weather riding...could take much.... warmer weather would make camping much easier...summer clothing would pack easier..and also leave more room to transfer some things from the Givi trunk to the clothing bags.

    coldest consisent riding temp 36 degrees
    coldest overnight temp.. low 20's with snow on the tent in the morning while camping on the Shenendowa (sp?) Skyline Drive.

    COMMENT: My wife said "I wait on you verses you waiting on takes you forever to get everthing packed!"... and it did. I had to be precise or things just didn't fit. I also was careful to not "over stuff" the cases and stress the hinges.

    2-up can be done!


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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    Thanks for the write up Jeff. My wife will not camp when it is cold.

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    Re: Packing for 2 Up?

    Jeff Better you than me. I hate Packing!

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