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Thread: Buttered Rum Gravy

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    Buttered Rum Gravy

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was making up some gravy and still had thoughts of the rum toddy's in my head from that morse code thread. I made a batch of what I am calling "buttered rum gravy". The gravy is good over the turkey and stuffing, but it would be fantastic served over thick cut pork chops.

    I didn't measure, but here are rough measurements.

    Make a rue:

    1/3 cup flour
    3 tbls butter
    2 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp nutmeg
    1 tbls grease from pan drippings (optional)

    Cook on low heat mixing in the flour and butter until you smell the nutty flavor of the flour.

    1/2 cup rum

    I used Jamaican white since that's what I had in the house, but a spiced rum would be better. Slowly add the rum. Slowly. A couple of tablespoons at a time. This way the alcohol cooks off, and the rue isn't broken by the alcohol. Once you get the rue to a butterscotch like consistency, then start to add water.

    1/4 brown sugar. (splenda brown sugar works fine)
    2 tbls butter. This adds a nice finish to the gravy.
    More rum to taste.

    Add water slowly until the rue becomes a thick soup. Add the water slowly enough to keep the heat up. The mixture will tighten again after the starch chains on the rue goes to work later on. Add brown sugar, more butter and rum to taste. I didn't add salt because the butter was salted butter.

    Slowly heat and stir until the soup becomes a gravy.

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    Re: Buttered Rum Gravy

    I can't wait to see someone do this one in camp!

    Sounds great, tho, I'll make sure Deba sees the recipe.

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    Re: Buttered Rum Gravy

    OMG that sounds delicious! Might try it with my turkey at xmas...

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    Re: Buttered Rum Gravy

    Made some chickpea chili today...forgot to get kidney beans so I substituted those for the other beans...pretty good.. might be a good camp recipe...chickpeas are high in fiber and good for easy 1 pot camping meal if ya add cheese on top and chunks of bread...

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    Re: Buttered Rum Gravy

    Do NOT make this gravy while having laughs with friends! Pretty soon half the bottle is gone!!!!HAHA!!!!

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    Re: Buttered Rum Gravy

    I see tracks in the snow to the outhouse.......
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