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Thread: Blue Ridge Parkway

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    Blue Ridge Parkway

    I've heard a little about the Blue Ridge Parkway, but never realized just how big it was (460 miles I think). On the long way home from Barber, we'll be coming through the Cherohala Skyway and was thinking about a loop west of Asheville. I saw this thread, but it mainly covered a campground.

    I was also wondering what parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway do most people define it as..... North Carolina or Virginia? West of Asheville, Little Switzerland, East of Boone?

    Am I misguilded and there is a more scenic/fun road that's off my radar?
    BTW, we've chose to skip TotD this year.

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    I've ridden all of it, the part in North Carolina is the best. Virginia is mostly lowlands, but still a very nice ride.
    Cheers, Denny

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    Its true that the peaks are higher in NC, but the mountains just north of the Peaks of Otter in Virgina reach almost 4000 feet and the majority of the parkway in Virgina provides spectacular views.

    I think you have to include the northern Virginia portion through Shanandoah National Park. It's only 105 miles, but would be a shame to miss.

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    I can't even begin to tell you how great a ride the Blue Ridge parkway is. Heading north or south all 464 miles plus the 105 mi of the Skyline Drive is what I would call an epic ride. If you are just going to do the southern end of the BRP here is a list of my favorites in that area. The Cherahola skyway,,, the Tail of the Dragon US129, twisty heaven,,, right from Deals Gap you can pick up the Hellbender, 28 thru Fontana Village and Stecoah NC more twisties and the home of Kickstand Lodge motorcycle campground,,,. 441 from Gatlinburg Tn to Cherokee NC, great ride over the mountains,,, 64 from Franklin NC stopping at Dry falls you can walk behind the falls then Bridal vail falls that you can park your bike behind the falls for a great shot, continue on 64 to Highands and Cashiers then Brevard. Just outside of Brevard you can pick up 276 up towards Waynesville NC more twisties up the mountain with the BR Parkway at the top then down the other side to the Blue Ridge motorcycle campground on the right. I was there this summer and the kitchen was closed, also US 129 otherwise known as the dragon was closed from the north due to a rock slide but you can still access it from Deals gap, run the 11 miles all 329 turns, do a U turn and do it again. It will be heavily patroled due to the amount of accidents, but there will be pro photographers for those peg scraping shots. Oh BTW stay away from the Dragon on weekends because every Randy road racer within a 100 miles will be there trying to run over you. I hope this helps. Sorry Randy.

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    Here is a link to the NPS site on the BRP.
    You can get updated info on current road closures there.

    Plan on spending more time than you normally would travelling this road. There are many scenic pull offs and views that will tempt you to stop. AND... the speed limit is 45mph for most of the BRP (some areas are 35). Some may tell you they have done the entire length in one day.... that requires a rider to tempt fate and the Federales.

    Also, there are no service stations on the BRP. Plan accordingly for fuel.

    The BRP continues to be one of my favorite places to ride. It's not a technical road.... just real nice.
    <<<< Willville in April

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    The Blue Ridge Parkway can be an epic ride, but if you ride its entire length you will have ridden on one the this countries best motorcycle roads. There may be road contruction zones but dont let that keep you away. If you are in a hurry give it a pass and ride many of the other great roads near the Parkway. Just go and enjoy this limited access two lane road through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

    Personally I wish there was a fee to be on the parkway to help maintain the roads and facilities. I'd pay a yearly fee to ride there, we are lucky to have it so close. Living in Richmond there are not many better rides any closer. Taking rt. 60 west out of Richmond to Buckingham to pick up rt. 56 is just over an hour and easily as much fun as Deals Gap with little or no traffic and very little law enforcement..

    Eric M

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    Right you are about Rt56 in Virginia, that is one sweet stretch of road.
    Don Ricks
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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    Dave- The Blue Ridge Parkway ties the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in NC to the Shenandoah National Park in Va. It's 469 miles long and flows in a roughly South West to North East direction. Being from Dallas it will take you away from your desired direction towards home.

    If I were you I'd run the BRP from Cherokee NC north to US 421 North in Boone NC. Run the area being pushed as the Snake then work your way south to US 321 to get you back in the direction of home. Or just run the whole Parkway and head west from Waynesboro Va and enjoy the heck out of some twisties in West Virginia! Either way you can't go wrong.

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    The wife and I are heading to the Rocky Knob area of the Parkway on Saturday.

    Any place in that area that is a must see or a business that we must go to?

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    Re: Blue Ridge Parkway

    Quote Originally Posted by hogasm View Post
    The wife and I are heading to the Rocky Knob area of the Parkway on Saturday.

    Any place in that area that is a must see or a business that we must go to?
    maybry mill is just south of rocky knob area and is one of the most visited spots on the parkway. thats it in my avatar. a mile south is meadows of dan va. a couple nice places to grab a bite to eat. farmers market store and a candy store that makes candy on site is pretty cool also. is openng this weekend too. ( i maybe be up there sat.) 1 mile off of rte 58 and parkway. great little motorcycle campground. stop in and meet will.

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