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Thread: Alleghany State Park

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    Alleghany State Park

    My wife and I stayed at the Allegheny State Park near Salamanca NY recently. We stayed for 6 nights and toured the western NY area and Niagara Falls. We were at the Quaker area.

    CONS:::I was greatly disappointed with this campground. The roads were in terrible condition. Pot holes, chunks of road missing. I have been on goat paths that were in better shape. The access drive actually around the CG was like a wash board...the main park roads were not much better. The bathhouse was OK. It was cleaned daily, but that was mainly to knock off the heavy items and pick up most of the trash. There were cob webs hanging from the ceiling. As each toilet and shower had an individual door to the outside, there was good privacy, but in order to take a shower and then do any "primping" you had to walk outside and then to another door to the vanity/lavatory. One good note, there was plenty of hot water and good water pressure.

    Enough on the negative a few positive ones...
    The park scenery is very nice. A couple big lakes for fishing, boating, etc. The camp store was stocked fairly well and the folks working at the park were friendly and helpful. The park in located within some small mountains (large hills).

    Each campsite has an electrical hook up but no water as the water spigots are spaced out about every 3 sites. No big deal, just remember to bring something to haul water.

    As we stayed in the Quaker area we ventured to the other side of the park named the Red House area....MUCH, MUCH nicer. Newly paved roads, etc. I assume NY has not gotten around to the Quaker area for improvements yet. IMO, if you do choose to stay at this CG, choose the Red House area.

    I would rate our stay 6 out of 10. I gave extra points for the nice scenery, quiet area and plenty of hot water. Take those away and rate it 4/10. YMMV

    On a side note....unofficially and you did not hear this from me...not that I would do this...just relaying an observation:
    The park staff that mans the entry gates to the CG leaves around 6-7 pm daily and returns around 8 am. Soooooo.....if you need a stealth camping spot for one night...Well, just saying, there is no one there to monitor and you could put up a tent or MC camper without anyone noticing or probably caring.

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    Re: Alleghany State Park

    Ya ever been to Rollins pond in the Ads? What a trip just getting there....ya have to go thru another c/g and the road is not paved and has some traffic on it...PITA but I liked the c/g in general..too far from a supplies and food store also..they have acanoe/kayak rental place there too! BONUS!

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    Re: Alleghany State Park

    The wife and I were in the Allegheny's and had a beautiful ride, great area. Met lots of good ol' American folks along our trip. We think NC took the best of color due to those yellow lillies from west to east. Ohio took most patriotic.

    Thanks for the memories!

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