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Thread: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

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    cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    us64 runs across the country for over 2300 miles, but the few miles thru cimarron canyon are some of the most scenic you will find. within this canyon lies the state park. its not just one c/g, but several spread out along the hiway for maybe 3 miles or so. so when you go there make sure to check them all for the most suitable site. its not far from the town of eagles nest where you can pick up supplies and visit a saloon. i got lucky and found a site near a skunks den. every night i was there they would wander thru my campsite. thats when a question i'd never thought about came to mind. how do you run a skunk off? there were no hookups at the site so it battery chargin' in the showerhouse. don't like doin' that in crowded campgrounds but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.all in all this is of my favorite c/g i've been in. stayed here sept 2009
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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    Yep, thats a beautiful area. I've been through there many times. Lot's of nice twisties through the canyon to Eagle Nest.

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    Thanks for the report. Been through, never stopped, looks like that might have to change!

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    how do you run a skunk off?
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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    I notice that you use a tarp alot. I have them but have never mastered the fine art of tarping yet..when I camp i tend to just throw this honkin huge tarp over my tent and put my weights on it to keep it from blowing away...I bring my freeweights with me when I carcamp..I lift them 6 days a week.Guess I could substitute found rocks for weights when bikecamping..

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    I was camping at Sandbanks national park in Ontario once..would not go back there again as the smell of gull poop permeates the air there..gulls breed on Gull island in masses across from the park..

    I opened my tent 1 morning to go outside and carefully and slowly turned my head and pulled my feet back into the tent..a skunk was RIGHT there at my tent door flap!! It didn't spray me luckily but I never forgot that experience..I always sorta scout the immediate area before I leave my tent now..

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    tarps really make life better. protects from the rain( and i seem to be in it a lot) . ive sat thru many a storm under a tarp. dont wanna be trapped in a tent waitin on the rain to quit. it takes some effort to hang em right but its always worth it

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g ,n.m.

    Effort isn't the word 4 it...I have tried my utmost to tarp and not been successful at it..just not doin it right i guess..

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g n m

    Sounds like a spammer

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    Re: cimerron canyon c/g n m

    We were camping in the same campground, it used to be called the gravel pit, and we were sleeping in sleeping bags. I felt something touching my nose and when I opened my eyes it was a skunk sniffing my nose. The dog I had in the sleeping bag with me went nuts and came out and chased the skunk into a culvert, coming out smelling like a member of the skunk family. Anyway, it was a long ride home when the trip was over.

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