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Thread: devils canyon c/g, utah

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    devils canyon c/g, utah

    great c/g for exploring the area. just need to make sure you take along extra gas. its a long way between stations when you get off the main roads. theres some amazing things to see out there. arches national park, lake powell, and monument valley to name a few. on one road didn't meet another vehicle for 'bout 50 miles. only thing i met on the road was a tarantula. the c/g itself had a loop that had recently been upgraded, no hookups or showers but restrooms had had power outlets so charging my batteries was not a problem. there were several water spigots on the loop. firewood was easy to gather. firerings on the new sites reminded me of a patio or something didn't bother with the tent just slept on the concrete by my bike. still, couldn't forget about that spider. camped here sept 2009
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    Re: devils canyon c/g, utah

    Yep those firepit rings suck! Michigan has alot of encased firepit rings...something about a kid being burned awhile back, lawsuits and stuff, so the state has for the most part, enclosed far as I'm concerned those are NOT have to almost jump into the fire to feel anything! HAHA!!

    Turantulas??Now I know why I need a man to travel with, not just for bear food, but also to take turantula stings! HAHA!!................

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    Re: devils canyon c/g, utah

    BTW you pack like I do...waaaay too much stuff! HAHA!! My next trip will have LESS stuff as I will be bringing Georgia...I found that I never used my little bbq that I brought and ate out most of the time..will pack less clothes too..I also found that I could get away with wearing just a few outfits and didn't want to bother unstrapping everything anyway...

    Oh ya, and what's up with the machete? HAHA!! You weren't that scared of a little ole spider now were ya? HAHA!!

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    Re: devils canyon c/g, utah

    i dont like spiders and snakes, especially in my bedroll

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    Re: devils canyon c/g, utah

    EEOOWW!! Ya I figured that's why ya had that machete there...
    I was walking on Peche island here to go to the little girls' room once..i walked back up a thin trail and jumped about 3 feet in the air..there laid a fat gray snake right on the trail! i had open toed sandals on and it freaked me right out to think i may have walked right by it........

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    Re: devils canyon c/g, utah

    I stayed here on Sept 13, 2009

    This campground is located just off of US 191, between Blanding and Monticello, UT, near the Abajo Mountains.
    The older sites are located to the left of the entrance and the newer ones (where That Dude stayed) are to the right. The older sites are pretty small and most are set either on the edge of an embankment, or into the embankment on the other side of the road. It took some time to find a spot where we could set up 2 four man tents as an afternoon thunderhead was closing in on us.
    The loop to the right when you enter the campground are more suited to people hauling campers.
    Picnic table and fire ring at each campsite. Vault toilets and water spigots are scattered around. While it was a place to get off the road, there are a couple of other Forest Service campgrounds up near Monticello that I am going to check out the next time

    Campground Info: -'s_canyon

    Campground Location: -

    Campground Fee: - $10/night

    Sorry, .... no photos of the actual campground, as I was too busy erecting the tent and tarp for the ensuing thunderhead approaching. The Abajo Mtns are the highest point in the area and create their own weather

    Abajo Mountains

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