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Thread: apple pie baked beans

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    Re: apple pie baked beans


    This looks awesome. Thanks. I have printed it out and put it in the new Moleskin MOTO CAMPING Journal I am starting this Fall to document camps and write down things like camping recipes.

    I saw a similar recipe to this with pork chops. Otherwise almost identical. In Hawaii. they also do a similar recipe with Pineapple. Cherry Pie Filling also works if you are a fan of Cherries over Apples. Being a part time Hawaiian resident, I opt for Pineapple whenever possible. It's super healthy, is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral agent, and to me, just tastes amazing. Plus 1 cup of Pineapple or a small glass of Pineapple Juice gives you well over 100 percent of your RDA of Vitamin C. It's a super food.

    I'll probably try this recipe by substituting the Apple Pie Filling with crushed Pineapple and adding something savory like Pepperoni or Salami.


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    Re: apple pie baked beans

    I have to write this 1 down! thanx George!

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