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Thread: Lake Possum Kingdom Tx

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    Lake Possum Kingdom Tx

    Having camped at Lake Possum Kingdom Tx 3 times already this year, I thought I should write a review. The Brazos River Authority (BRA) has 8 camping areas on the lake and 6 of them are free camping year round and the other two are free from mid Sept to mid May. My preference is BRA Area #1, Scenic Cove. It's primitive with two bathrooms and well mantained. It has full shade in many of the sites and all sites have a covered shelter with a picnic table. It also has an excellent swimming area. It's less than a mile to the grocery store too, so there's no need to haul many supplies there. If you're a cyclist, the hike and bike trail's main trailhead starts in Scenic Cove. Last trip I took my truck and mountain bike and rode the trails. It's a very technical and challenging trail for even the best cyclists. Nothing better than jumping in the lake after a hard ride! If you're in the north central Tx area, this place is a must do.

    Here's a link to the BRA site.

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    Re: Lake Possum Kingdom Tx

    have camped at the state park at PK several time but have not tried the BRA sites will have to look into those thanks Jet the topTop

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    Re: Lake Possum Kingdom Tx

    Give it a try, Greybeard! I've stayed at the state park too and it doesn't hold a candle to the Scenic Cove BRA park. There's a really good Mexican restaurant right down the street from it too! the topTop

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