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Thread: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

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    Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    Tour Master Synergy™ apparel is designed to operate from a vehicle standard 12-volt electrical system to provide unmatched levels of warmth and comfort. With Synergy™ apparel, wearers can be warm without the bulk and discomfort typically caused by excessive layers of clothing. By providing increased warmth and mobility in cold temperatures, Synergy™ apparel helps reduce fatigue while increasing safety and enjoyment.

    Each Synergy™ garment is heated by a series of durable carbon fiber heating elements, which generate safe, electronically controlled infrared heat. In addition to safe and even heating, carbon fiber elements are lightweight, flexible and safe to operate in wet conditions. It is carbon fiber’s light weight and flexibility that allows Synergy™ garments to fit comfortably under protective riding apparel.

    Synergy™ Jacket, Vest and Pant Liners include a Power Lead Wiring Harness, Temperature Control Unit and a Thigh Mounted Leg Band to attach the Temperature Control Unit.

    I recently used this vest on a ride from Maryland to Tennessee. This is the best heated garment that I've ever used. It kept me warm and comfortable in temperatures below 38 degrees while riding along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In fact, this vest is so warm I found the low setting to be plenty warm for those chilly conditions. There are several things that make this garment better than it's competitors. First, it has elastic material sewn into the sides to improve the fit and keep it close to the rider's body. Second, it comes with a heat controller that allows low, medium, and high settings. Third, it has carbon fiber heating elements which get warm almost immediately without hot spots. Even the collar is warm. Fourth, it comes with a battery wiring harness and installation takes about 3 minutes. Fifth, it is priced lower than most of the other heated vests available yet the quality is as good if not better than anything else I've seen or used. Also included is a leg band to attach the heat controller. However, I prefer mine clipped to the bottom band of my jacket. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and I highly recommend having one of these for comfortable cold weather riding without adding a bunch of layers of clothing. Even in the summer season, a rider can still get caught in cool temperatures. I purchased mine brand new from Ebay for less than $125.00 including shipping.

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    I've got the one with out the collar and love it.

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    I almost orderd the collarless design. But since I was combining it with a collarless jacket I decided to get it with one. I had a widder vest for several years. It was a good product. But it took a while for it to warm up and there were hot spots. Plus, I didn't like the cable connector and ended up making my own 12volt adapter. I've only used the widder and gerbing vests. So, I don't have experience with all the other manufacturers. But, so far this Tour Master Vest is the best bang for buck I've used.

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    This is the 2nd season I've been using the Tourmaster Synergy Jacket Liner.
    It works great as a stand alone insulation piece, under my riding jackets. It serves double duty as a jacket to be worn around camp/town when things get chilly.

    I found that with the Tourmaster proprietary Heat Troller, this jacket gave almost instant, even heat. I am not fussy about how their Heat Troller hangs down, off to the side, as it tends to 'get in the way' when one needs to access their front pocket of their riding pants.
    Not to worry for long though. Do a search and you'll discover that the Tourmaster Heat Controller has a massive failure rate. Mine crapped out on me the 2nd day of use, even though I followed their use instructions to the letter. I was riding the Beartooth Highway, in June, with temps right around the freezing mark at the summit.
    I found a 'Hack', so you can bypass this troublesome piece, after reading about a solution on ADVrider, which requires making a pair of 'jumper wires' to bypass the defective controller and thus allows you to use a more reliable and variable Heat Controller. In the end, this mod ended up running me another $45,(sent my defective Heat Controller back for a refund, as they were back ordered and bought a Warm & Safe portable single Heat Controller) but the jacket itself works well, and now has infinite temperature control, instead of Low/Medium/High.

    Here's the 'Fix' -

    You can now also buy an 'adapter' from Warm and Safe, if you don't want to make your own set of 'jumper cables' -

    All in all, a great heated jacket liner, that fits and performs well, but, comes with a trouble prone heat controller.

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    Hi Dusty,

    I had read that there were problems with 1st generation heat controller before I ordered mine. Dug a little deeper and found out that If you turn the controller over and look at the first line of text. I think it says "heat controller" or something like that. Is there a little circled n right after that? If not, you have a first gen controller. They were known to be bad and they re-designed them. And if you contact Tourmaster and provide an address it is my understanding that they'll send anyone with a 1st gen heat controller a new redesigned one for free. From reading posts on various forums it seems to be a good company that stands by their product and tends to take care of their customers promptly. Still, interesting work arounds and thanks for the links.

    Safe travels,

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    Wish this thread would have come up a couple weeks ago. I got a monthly sale message from somebody that had them for $99 with free shipping. I didn't think I needed one. After reading all this, I'm having second thoughts, but can't remember who it was.

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    That is a heck of a price. If I had to pick a single favorite accessory I've purchased for riding it would be my heated vest. It really extends the riding season. I've ridden with a few riders who prided themselves on toughing it out during cold rides. Twice I've switched bikes for a few miles to let them try out my vests(Widder and Tour Master). Both now have vests of their own. One friend even went immediately to the Winchester VA. Harley dealership we were near at the time and bought a heated vest, gloves, and controller. I guess he was tired of being cold. He got nice stuff. But he left almost $500 behind. Another thing to consider is it seems to me that I get tired a lot sooner when I try to ride when it's cold.

    A quick heated vest story...I was riding in the Crotona Midnight Run a few years ago up in New York. It's one of the oldest motorcycling events in the world. It began in 1911. Anyway, it was a ridiculously cold timed rally event in February. Ice storm had pellets bouncing off my tank bag. About half way through, carbs froze on the bike in the middle of nowhere. Widder vest drained my battery but kept me warm for a couple hours until I could get going again.

    These days my bones hurt more in the cold than when I wore a younger man's boots. Now, my vest is always with me. Either on me or in my givi case. Even in the summertime.

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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    Hey Dusty. Nice RG photo! I only used my TM jacket the one rainy morning out of Montrose, but it sure felt good then.

    See you down the road.
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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Boots View Post
    You can now also buy an 'adapter' from Warm and Safe, if you don't want to make your own set of 'jumper cables' -
    MR I'd go ahead and do this right away because the question is not "will my gen 2 controller fail" but rather when". My controller was replaced by Tourmaster for a Gen likewise failed. The only time it fails is when you "need the warmth". Another plus with the Warm and Safe is the wireless remote. I highly recommend this. The WS controller is not expensive and well worth the money!
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    Re: Tour Master Synergy Heated Vest with Collar

    I have over 50k miles and 2 riding seasons on my Warm and safe gear w/o a minutes trouble. And I do agree that it is the best piece of equipment that I've bought for use while riding. If I didn't have a GPS I might get lost, but I'll be warm if I do.


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