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Thread: Campfires

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    Re: Campfires

    I love fires. This is how I like to do mine, in a Dakota Fire Pit. Keeps it low profile and great for cooking and kicks out a lot of heat without kicking a lot of light out. It's kind of hard to see but it's the dug out spot just below my bike and infront of my tent. I didn't want to use the on ground fire pit that somone had put together.

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    Re: Campfires

    What's the point of diggin a hole in the ground for a campfire you can hardly see? ...
    To my way of thinkin a "campfire" should look like this ...

    And speaking of holes in the ground ... I sure hope you dug that hole in YOUR back yard, and not in some nice campground ...
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    Re: Campfires

    I second the Duraflame log idea. After a beach campfire with wet wood on the Oregon coast over Christmas (successful but hard-fought), we next visited a daughter in Seattle who threw a Duraflame log in her fireplace. That thing lit right away, and burned perfect for at least 3 hours. The label claims they are cleaner burning than wood and put out less emissions. Next beach campfire I do is going to be a couple of Duraflames. And I will probably throw one or two in my Kwik Kamp trailer.

    Also a cool fire, google Swedish Candle fire. You take a piece of firewood, stand it on end and cut it like a pie down to within about 6 inches of the bottom.... so it should have 6 wedges and some chainsaw grooves in it. Pour a little flammable fluid down the middle and light it. They claim it will burn that way for a couple of hours.

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    Re: Campfires

    [ame=""]Swedish Torch/Canadian Candle - YouTube[/ame]
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    Re: Campfires

    Quote Originally Posted by kayakinbiker View Post
    Camping is not camping without a fire!
    +1!! The fire is the shiznit!!
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    Re: Campfires

    I like a small fire when Im out camping, So much in fact that I bring my own wood with me. I have about 20 - 12 inch long Fir 2x4's that pack perfectly in the bottom of either the trailer or my saddle bags. No wasted space and kiln dried no messy bark or wood chips.

    I usually cook over charcoal brickettes ,after I eat I dump the left over brickettes on the fir 2x4 firewood, it lights up quick and burns clean and hot . 5 pieces makes a nice little fire that burns for about an hour.
    You can usually pick up more wood for free at any lumber yard that has cutting service.They always have scrap. Pallets are usually hardwood and will burn longer but for me the hassel of dealing with the nails makes it not worth the extra effort.
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    Re: Campfires

    Shipping pallets are definitely a good idea if you're looking to bring your own wood as a lot are oak. However, if you're the kind to worry about inhaling chemicals then look for ones that are stamped "heat treated" or "HT"
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