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Thread: Coffee - how do you do it

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    Coffee - how do you do it

    I was reading a thread on Coffee on the ADVrider forum and thought it'd be a good one to start here.

    So, how do you fix your coffee at the campsite?

    I was thinking of getting coffee in bags (like tea bags) or maybe in the little packages for the one-cup coffee makers - I seen these once at Target, they are about the diameter of a coke can and about 1/2" thick.

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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    I boil water and use tea bags. I would prefer coffee but am not interested in the work and cleanup required to actually brew coffee. I used to use instant coffee years ago, but they all tasted crappy so I switched to tea.

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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    I have an old aluminum 8 cup coffee pot I use on my stove. I just had to do a JB Weld repair after our trip to AZ. Good as new. Well there are a few dents in it, but it makes great coffee.

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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    I have always used instant mixed to my taste, But am considering buying an old fashioned percolator. The only down side is I would still have to boil warter in another pot for pasta/soups. I am really not much into cleaning (read LAZY) on the road. All considered I will probably stay with instant (even if I can't get the taste right) for convience.

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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    In the morning I have too much blood in my caffine system. I need coffee. I have a coffee press that doubles as a mug with a little insulation jacket to keep it warm. Heat water for whatever you want then pour some of it in the press. You can fix the rest of breakfast while it's steeping.
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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    Easy - JetBoil stove with French Press. $80, and you can use it to fix food, too!

    Makes pretty damn good coffee.

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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    I've used nearly all of the previously mentioned methods. I far prefer the perked brew!!

    Taster's Choice instant is the only brand I can stand. All the others just get my gut rolling...

    I have used the Folgers "tea bag" dip coffee pouches and they make pretty darn good coffee. Lot of mess though. If I'm gonna go to all that, I'll break out the grounds and 8 cup aluminum pot. Besides, it makes a really good alarm clock for the rest of the camp!!!!
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    Coffee Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    I too have tried the coffee T-bags and those worked great until I found this expresso pot at of all places IKEA. Its suppose to make 6 cups (little tiny cups) but for me its one pot (almost fils my REI mug) all to myself. All the pieces are stainless, requires nothing but coffee and water and 3 minutes on the camp stove for a GREAT! cup of coffee.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The coffee press shown here ( 2nd picture) was something I bought with my REI dividend check. It went back last weekend after just one trip. 20 minutes with a mess that follows compared to my 3 minute expresso maker that just needs to be rinsed out before making the next pot for the next inline.

    So.........This little expresso maker that seems to be bullet proff and has already made 100's of pots of coffee for everyone on past camping trips was a GREAT deal, only $15-$16 at IKEA.

    I'll never go camping without it
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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    Ditto on the French press... I have a small press that doubles as a coffee mug. Coleman Peak 1 stove for the heat...

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    Re: Coffee - how do you do it

    Has anyone tried these:


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