I thought that since it's getting cold out I would finally get started on my Trip Report from this summer. I've probably forgotten a lot of the names of places along the way but hopefully Colleen and Ernie can help me remember and put things in the correct order! I'm borrowing some of their pics too. I'll get started and add to it as time allows.

Here is a link to the report Colleen and Ernie posted along the way. http://www.motocampers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2051

Packed up and leaving out from Belton, KY on a nice May afternoon.

I had decided to stay at KOA campgrounds while traveling to meet Colleen and Ernie and I have to say they were all nice along the way with some being really nice!

I had great weather the first day, and ended up at Kansas City and had a dinner of Ramen noodles.

The next day I had more great weather but some road construction, which would be the first of many miles of road construction. I ended up in Sioux Falls, SD. More Ramen noodles, just a different flavor.

The next day I was headed to Billings, MT. The weather started out sunny but quickly got dark, wet, and windy.

I stopped and put on rain gear, ran about 75 while leaning to the right most of the way to Sturgis where I stopped and grabbed something to eat. But I did make it finally.

I met Dave that night who was also headed to AK on his GS. He turned me on to a great imported beer, I wish I could remember what brand it was. I fixed breakfast and talked to Dave and a couple of guys who were headed from Salt Lake City to tour all of the Harley factories across the country. I've got their names written down somewhere.

Here's Dave at breakfast.

Next day I was headed to Missoula to meet up with Colleen and Ernie, another day with rain and a bit colder, but ended up nice at the end of the day. I ran into Dave at a rest stop adding some more clothes somewhere along the way. That was the last I'd see of him, hope he had a good trip.

As you can see, Colleen and Ernie were eating a little better than I was. Here is the meal I had waiting on me at the campground!

Here's the camp.

Got to meet HOGCDR who helped me get hooked up with a bike shop who riveted on a master link for me after spitting off a clip style. Must have come off during the 90+ mph ride across the deserted two lane of Montana. He took Ernie and I for coffee and laid out the gas stops he took on his trip for us. Thanks again Mike!

Here are all of us at the campground.

Next time we'll head to Canada...............