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Thread: Ledge Park Dodge County Horicon/Mayville

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    Ledge Park Dodge County Horicon/Mayville

    I go there every year for a camping adventure. It is with a group of people who make their own beer and mead (fermented honey). Since we bought the motorcycle camper last year, we decided to take it this year.

    The park is very nice. It is mostly hard surface roads. As you get on the upper ledge, there are some dirt road access only areas and some paths you would slide your bike around on. We camp in the lower ledge. We have a grandfathered access to do that. They moved all the new camping to the upper area. It has the flush toilets and showers though, so you would like it better. We begged to keep the lower area so we can be loud and not bother others. We clean up after ourselves, so they let us stay. ;-) If you camp there, it will be on the upper ledge. The amenities are all up there anyhow!

    There are some FANTASTIC hiking trails. This really is a "ledge". There is a spring coming out of the bottom. And trails snaking all the way up the side to the top part. You will see lot's of precarious rocks to climb on and places between the rocky areas to walk where you are in a valley a couple feet wide and 10-15 feet tall rock around you. There is a small 20 foot deep cave. Plus a bunch of tiny cave like areas to play in. Once on the top, you can stand at the edge and look out over the view below. It is really a nice image! The trails continue into the woods, but I have not taken them. Plenty to get my hour long hike in each day just staying next to the ledge.

    The cost is $16 per "family" which means we had 2 tents with the kids for the same price. Not sure what regular camp sites go for, but likely around the same price.

    The bathrooms are well maintained, and plenty of hot water! Free showers too! They have playground areas and what looked like a volley ball court. The care takers live on site and are really nice people to deal with. It is on a dead end road, so very little traffic. They have gates that say they close, but since it is so secluded, they don't actually close them.

    We camp there every year in August. Always a good time, and nothing but good people around. I would recommend it to anyone.

    I didn't think about pictures for this forum, so these are not so great bike pictures. You can see our bikes in the back ground and the corner of our camper is behind the beer tapper. Yeah, we had a van follow us to carry some of the stuff!

    More pictures can be found at, or the same place from 2004.
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    Re: Ledge Park Dodge County Horicon/Mayville

    That's a nice looking campground and a better looking cooler.. LOL

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    Re: Ledge Park Dodge County Horicon/Mayville

    Very nice. The blue cooler with the five or so taps is amazing.

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