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Thread: Black Moshannon State Park

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    Black Moshannon State Park

    Last month, two of my buddies and I attended the Sport-Touring.Net (STN) Region 6 Meet-'n-Eat in Clearfield, PA. In order to cut lodging cost - and to practice motocamping for our 4-week USA loop planned for next year - I made reservations at the Black Moshannon State Park near Philipsburg, PA.

    • 80 sites with table and fire ring, some with electricity available. Also, 13 rustic cabins are available. Groups of up to 60 people may reserve the rustic group tenting area.
    • Full price list is available online, and rates are slightly cheaper for PA residents.
    • Reservations can be made online, so you can go right to your campsite when you arrive.
    • Showers are available, as well as a boat rental, a park store and a refreshment stand.

    We arrived early and set up camp before heading out to dinner in Clearfield. My reservation info was clipped to the number-post at our site, and I didn't have to check-in with the office or anything. There were plenty of RVs on the grounds, but I specifically chose one of the sites way in the back to be away from them, and we weren't bothered by any noise at all. Also, the tree-line was right behind us, so having to pee in the middle of the night meant only walking a dozen yards or so from the tent.

    All in all, a decent experience for my first weekend of moto-camping. My tent was a little small, but that's another story...

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I read about the biting black flies in this area, mostly due to lots of standing/slow-running water, but in early May there were just a few mosquitos. It was nothing a standard citronella candle on the table couldn't handle.

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    Re: Black Moshannon State Park

    I just got back from my first motocamping trip and I stayed at Black Moshannon State Park.

    As the OP stated, there are 80 sites here. The sites are a mix of electric, no electric and full hookups.

    I stayed for just an over night, so I didn't sample the activities at the small lake, but there were plenty of people using canoes and kayaks out there. The swimming area looked real nice with a sandy beach. Lots of the lake appears to be shallow and marshy, covered with lilly pads.

    The bath houses were modern and clean. Very nice in my opinion.

    All the sites had tables, fire rings and most that I saw had a lantern pole. The sites in the tent area all had a designated tent location that was somewhat flat and gravel covered.

    This was a last minute trip for me and I couldn't make reservations. I came to the campground and there were signs about how to register. I found it somewhat confusing, since there were several sets of directions depending on whether there was someone in the office or what time of day it was. I couldn't find an office. I ended up self registering, which required having cash and correct change. It all worked out.

    I chose site 80, which is in the tenting area. I learned a lesson here. Imagine were the water will flow during a thunderstorm before choosing your site. In this case, it was site 80. Actually, I would avoid all the tent sites on the downhill side of the road. They all became flooded to some degree during the storm that blew through. Site 80, however was completely under water and there was a river flowing under my tent.

    I went and told the camp host that I was moving to a site uphill and they were quite understanding and said to do so by all means. I moved to site 77, which was nice, but nothing was dry.
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    There is a camp store. They serve food. I had the chicken sandwich special of the day. I can't really recommend it. The wood I bought there was not very good either. I would recommend buying some on the way in from the side of the road.
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    I would recommend Black Moshannon State Park, but some of the tent sites are poorly located and in my opinion, should be avoided if there is any chance of rain. I can't recommend the camp store though. Folks there were friendly but the food was meh and it seemed poorly stocked.

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    Re: Black Moshannon State Park

    Is the group campsite area on the level? Might be a good campout place? Kayaks for rent?..doubt they rent kayaks..just checked.

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    Re: Black Moshannon State Park

    I didn't see where the group camping area was.....sorry
    I think they may have kayak rentals. The lake is restricted and doesn't allow motor boats, so probably a pleasant place to Kayak.
    They definitely allow dogs there, but they are restricted to certain sites.

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