Ernie & I rode from our home in Bishop, California to Missoula, Montana where we currently are (at a KOA).
We are waiting for Steve (Ironhead Ziggy 76) to meet up with us. He is riding from Belton, Kentucky.
He left on Friday morning. We heard from him last night where he was failing at his attempt to set up his tent in a howling windstorm in Sioux Falls.
He had been riding in horrible winds all day and was none too pleased with his gas mileage!

Nothing much notable about our trip so far, we have been through alot of the country we had covered before.

Weather/wind has not been too bad and we have seen some beautiful country.
It seems once we got into Montana we could catch a faint scent of Alaska and got more excited!

Stayed the first night in Eureka, Nv at a little hole in the wall where we pitched a tent in the RV resort weeds. But for $5.00, I wasn't complaining. The only glitch was they locked the bathroom and there wasn't a tree or rock in sight! Not a problem for the RV crowd...but I felt like a minnow in a sea of sharks.

Second night was spent outside of Idaho Falls in a little area called Eden at a campground called Anderson Camp. We had stayed there before. Nice big grassy areas to pitch the tent in.

Third night was spent in Dillon, Montana (south of Butte) at a KOA. Camped right next to a river and its mosquitos in a big grassy area. Very nice couple that runs the place. Cruised around the old town and looked at some of the history.

Steve should be here Monday or Tuesday, depending on what kind of mileage he can make...then it is off to Alaska!

Since it is kind of idle time for Ernie & I, I probably will not post again about the adventure until Steve gets here...then he can update you on his experiences coming from Kentucky.

Thanks to all of you for the well wishes!

Tried to post some photos, but got an error message from the new server (Mellow?)...will keep working on it and try to post the photos later.

Ernie & Colleen