I've collected quite an assortment of tents over the years, including my pride and joy, a 1990 LLBean Wall tent 10' x 12' that is real canvas but has a bathtub floor. Unfortunately, this tent is much too large to moto-camp with. It's car camping (glamping to me) only. I call it the Taj Ma'Tent.

I guess to me, the biggest concerns for a functional moto-camping tent are 1.) Ease of Setup - because after a long day riding, especially if it's foul weather when you get to camp, you just want to get the tent up quickly and settle in. 2.) Big enough so you can hang out for extended periods if you have to because of weather without feeling cramped. 3.) The tent must pack small. Space is at a premium on our bikes, and that's obvious to everyone here. 4.) it has to be supremely rainproof out of the factory. I can't be getting wet on soggy days with a brand new tent.

I have spent mucho donero on tents over the years, including a few high-end Eureka tents. They all have pluses and minuses. The largest surprise I got was a K-Mart (now Sears/K-Mart) tent that I bought on super sale for $19.95 about 8 years ago normally $49.99 which is still very inexpensive for this tent IMO). I posted this earlier today in my "Essentials" camping list. It's a 3 person dome so it has oodles of room for one, or is OK for two. I expected it to last perhaps 1 season. 7 seasons later, it's still going strong and has become my absolute favorite moto-camping tent bar none. Yes, after the first season, I did treat the fabric with water-proof spray, but it never leaked from day one through the first season anyway. I always do this on tents after the first year since I truly USE them over the season. They get a fresh coating of waterproof spray at season start. This tent packs surprisingly small, is easy to set-up and tear down, has a bathtub floor, has foot-locker areas for storing dirty shoes and gear, absolutely does NOT leak even through the hardest rainstorms, and can handle 3 campers in a pinch, so it's plenty big for just going solo to hang out in without getting tent-fever if it rains all day and night and the next day.

The tent is still on sale at Sears/K-Mart for $24.74 and to me is still a stellar deal. I'd personally put it up against my $250.00 plus Eureka tents no problem. For the price, it's absolutely the biggest surprise I have ever had in camping.

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Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent (3 Person)

LINK: http://www.sears.com/northwest-terri...1&blockType=G1