View Poll Results: What Critters have you seen when camping?

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  • Skunks

    118 69.82%
  • Opossum

    90 53.25%
  • Deer

    154 91.12%
  • Javalina

    26 15.38%
  • Snake

    120 71.01%
  • Tarantula

    35 20.71%
  • Porcupine

    42 24.85%
  • Beaver (be careful now...)

    47 27.81%
  • Bear - Grizzly

    20 11.83%
  • Bear - Other

    77 45.56%
  • Elk

    61 36.09%
  • Moose

    47 27.81%
  • Racoons

    134 79.29%
  • Woodchucks

    41 24.26%
  • Chipmunks

    123 72.78%
  • Squirrels

    152 89.94%
  • Coyotes

    74 43.79%
  • Foxes

    71 42.01%
  • Birds

    142 84.02%
  • Badger

    10 5.92%
  • Cougar

    6 3.55%
  • Mountain Lion

    6 3.55%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Critter Poll....

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    Re: Critter Poll....

    Quote Originally Posted by buttset View Post
    Here is another one they are up in Mo. not sure if they are more north than that.

    That was probably the "lead scout" for his party still in Texas....doesn't pay to be the lead armadillo....

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    Re: Critter Poll....

    Quote Originally Posted by mailman01 View Post
    Appears you had just a "little assistance" on this campout...with a few fellas to do the work...

    The Hippo is really a very fascinating beast..but not to be trusted, so I am told. Would love a trip like this.
    Yes, there were a number of porters that dealt with the equipment, setup camp, cooked, changed the tires, etc.
    It was an absolutely incredible trip!
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    Re: Critter Poll....

    Armadillos range into southern Indiana. Climate change said to be the reason. Not seen any that far north myself.

    They are one of my top 'do-not-run-over'. Few yrs back camping at Myakka State Park in Florida, the campground was crazy busy during Labor Day weekend. The next day I was the only person camping. Could hear something moving around in the brush near my tent. Noisy and slow movement toward me. Thought maybe wild hog from the noise. Turned out to be an armadillo.

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    Re: Critter Poll....

    You forgot to include buffalo and prairie dogs on your list. I've had some close encounters with both.
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    Re: Critter Poll....

    I was in a camp ground in NC and was getting stuff out of the Aspen and a goose stuck it head in the door and told me that was their spot. I tried to be nice to them but we had to have a who is the boss talk. I won. Zipp

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    Re: Critter Poll....

    How about a mink? We were camping in a campground On lake Sarah in NW Mn. a few years back. This mink comes bouncing out of the woods behind the camper and sort of meanders along looking at us and disappears into a wood pile. Did not need firewood any way right then. I figure he was just checking out the camper.

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    Re: Critter Poll....

    I don't see a "dog" listed. Have seen them several times, always assumed they were from another camp until I was the only one in the campground and one showed up. Camp ground owner said it wasn't his.
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    Re: Critter Poll....

    This scout did not do so well.........

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    Re: Critter Poll....

    One more to add...Armadillio's
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    Re: Critter Poll....

    Every time I camp in Soutern Ohio State Parks, I always seem to hear Coyotes howling at night. Every time. I also heard them once near my home in Central Ohio as well, but only once. That sounded like a very large pack, and when I looked at an Ohio Coyote Population Map, I was shocked to see one of the largest population centers was in my county. Really surprised me. But every stinking time I camp in Southern Ohio Parks, it's a Coyote Howling Fest. Never saw them, though. Just heard them. Probably a good thing. It's a bit unnerving when you are in a small tent, basically laying on the ground, and you hear a pack of Coyotes howling near you.

    You'd think that Coyotes would be something you'd most likely see and hear in the Southwest...... you know, somewhere near Desert Rock Formations, Acme stores and Road Runners.
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