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Thread: Cabela's Ripcord Duffel Bags

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    Cabela's Ripcord Duffel Bags

    I've been lucky enough to not get caught in the rain much while camping. However, it has happened a time or two and you always want to be prepared.

    RickD never has his tent packed with his sleeping gear which sounds like good advise so I opted, when I purchased the Waterproof Duffel (), to also get one of these little bags just for my tent.

    I got the Small (18"L x 9"W x 9"H) and my tent (Eureka Apex 2A) has 18 inch poles so it was a perfect match. Now, why not just use the bag that came with the tent? A couple reasons, for me anyway. The original tent bag is more of a stuff sack so you have to jam the tent into it and really work it in to get it to fit, not that difficult but I wanted something faster. Afterall, if it's raining the last thing you want is something taking more time to pack or unpack. Also, this bag has attachment points for straps, the tent bag is just a bag, again, not a huge issue but one that this bag addresses. One other reason, this bag will hold the tent with some extra room to spare so I can put some other smaller items in it if I like. I think it will handle 20" poles too if they are placed diagonally on the bottom.

    This bag is tougher than the bag the tent came with and also coated on the inside so it may not be 100% waterproof but it should stay pretty dry. The small ran $19 and I think I'll be very happy with it.

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    Re: Cabela's Ripcord Duffel Bags

    I use a compression sack for my tent and rain fly and haul my poles separately along with my poles for my camp shade. The original bag was horrible in that it was not very durable and didn't have any means of tying on. The tent packs pretty small now.

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