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Thread: New old from Oregon

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    New old from Oregon

    I live in Oregon and like to camp on bike trips. I always carry some camping equip on the bike anyway in case of break down as I like to ride everywhere thatís no where. Iím looking into a camp trailer possibly, as I get older the ground seems further away, no matter how padded my bedding.

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    Re: New old from Oregon

    I went to a camper 7 years ago and haven't looked back though I did sell because of other needs and used a tent one trip cross country until I bought my current camper. Much better for my 2 ruptured discs to sleep on a flat surface than uneven ground.....
    I was going to ride up the left coast this summer to get some northwet riding country but my trip kept getting canc'd..... Next year it will hopefully happen again on my way to the east coast for the summer.
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    Re: New old from Oregon

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