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    GL Side Stand

    Do with this as you choose.
    I‘m on my 3rd Goldwing. The first two were “Made in America”. My current GL came out of the Orient. The quality is still there!

    I’m now living with my 1800 in Southern Georgia, a bit different than Northern Idaho. Down here, with higher humidity and higher rainfall, I realized it would behoove me to have increased support for the kickstand.

    I looked at products being sold by American companies. Prices were $ 40 – 60. They wouldn’t be selling to me! I also began looking in the Orient, via E-Bay.
    Amumulee had exactly what I was looking for Honda GW ’02 – ’17 (but not ’15) Kickstand Foot side stand extension Enlarger Pad. Price $ 11.01 + 0.99 S&H.

    It arrived today. Quality is great. Probably ~ triples the size of the ground contact surface. I slid it on, added some blue thread locker, took the 3 mm Allen wrench (incl.) and tightened it down PERFECT!

    The product / price is great, but that is not what I’m so jazzed about; it’s their communication! The order was done using PayPal. The item was shipped within 2 – 3 days (International Date Line) from China. I was given a tracking # [which I did check] and an arrival date of Today. It was like working with an American company and much better than some.

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    Re: GL Side Stand

    Picture and more info on seller please !
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    Re: GL Side Stand

    So what was the total time from ordered to received?

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    Re: GL Side Stand

    Sorry; I don’t have sufficient sophistication to post pictures. You can see them on E-Bay (including multiple colors). Just search for Honda GW Kickstand Foot side stand extension Enlarger Pad.

    All that I know is that the seller has a 97 % “happiness” rating on E-Bay. Also, according to the return address he has some connection to a company in Franklin Park, Ill.

    Initial order was placed 8/11. Product arrived via USPS 8/24. Tracking # was accurate.


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