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Thread: Black Diamond Apollo L.E.D. Lantern

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    You all have got to quit posting these things, I only have so much REI refund money to spend this year!

    I will probably get one of these and some kind of Coffee Press next month when the refunds come out.

    Thanks for the review Keith!

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    Re: Black Diamond Apollo L.E.D. Lantern

    Now $46 shipped, on Fleabay.

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    Re: Black Diamond Apollo L.E.D. Lantern

    Based on your review I ordered one from Campsaver - on sale for $35.00 with free shipping if you get your order up to $50.00. I was looking for a Nemo Fillo pillow (which I also got). The light is great - thanks, the pillow I'll try out this weekend and report back. Heading for the Davis Mountains, Tx. (about the only cool spot in the state)

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    Re: Black Diamond Apollo L.E.D. Lantern

    Quote Originally Posted by mark444 View Post
    Now $46 shipped, on Fleabay.
    I got my apollo for $42 with free shipping on ebay, came last sat, not to make some nighttime video of it

    I also got the Black Diamond Icon head lamp for $56.25

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    Re: Black Diamond Apollo L.E.D. Lantern

    I find the Apollo with 80 lumens just right for lighting up the picnic table for cooking or walking around the campsite if you hang it up. Not overly bright so I light up the next camper particularly since it is so easy to dim. I also bought the small Orbit which is only 45 lumens. I find it works great in the tent or on the hammock ridgeline if I'm hanging instead of ground dwelling. I'll dim it to the lowest light and leave it on all night if there is no moon out to help me out from being too clumsy during nature calls.

    Since I don't use a trailer, I was a little concerned about damaging the lenses packing them with the saddle bags or trunk with every thing else. Black Diamond says they don't make a carry case. So I took a freebie can cozy (vinyl outside) cut the bottom stap - which makes it nice to pull with - and pulled it up over the collapsed legs on the Apollo. For the Orbit I took a bell cutoff from a stick of 2" Sch 80 PVC (40 should also work) and wrapped it in a piece if 1/4" foam from that came in some packaging. Cut the bell about 3/8" below the taper and the Orbit bottom fits snug.
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    Re: Black Diamond Apollo L.E.D. Lantern
    Here's a link that appears to be directly from Black Diamond. I must say I like it and the cozy tip as well. Now if I can scrape up a few extra quarters and if my CFO turns her head long enough I might just order one myself!

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