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Thread: Are you finding most Campgrounds open.

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    Are you finding most Campgrounds open.

    I was thinking of those out there camping and riding.
    Are you finding those campgrounds they have used in
    the past on their traveling, open?

    I know Hunts opened and our group used it. Some changes were made
    I think. I know shower cleaning and where and how many can gather.
    Are concerns.

    Are all the campgrounds open?

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: Are you finding most Campgrounds open.

    I stayed at Blue Ridge MTC this past week. 2 Wheels is open, On Parkway
    Pisgah closed also Balsom Gap closed.

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    Re: Are you finding most Campgrounds open.

    Also on Parkway in NC all restrooms and facilities closed. Lucky being
    an Old Country Boy I like to take short trail walks just to stretch my legs.

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    Re: Are you finding most Campgrounds open.

    I found this posted on the BRP website today...

    Some parkway facilities are closed due to COVID-19. This includes all visitor centers, and campgrounds, as well as some concession operations and restrooms. Trails and most sections of the roadway remain open.

    Rocky Knob Campground (Milepost 167) is my usual first night going out / last night coming home campground when I've traveled the parkway.
    If I get a chance to get to the Smokey Mts., this year (I usually camp there in the spring, but everything was closed) I'll have to make other plans.
    I don't need a compass to know which way the wind shines.

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