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Thread: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

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    So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Iím hanging out here in the woods passing the time by getting fat! Anyone have any projects going on? Iím thinking about making a tarp out of a piece of Tyvek house wrap I have laying around. Now to find those grommet kits I bought...

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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Cleaning has not been this clean in 20 years. Set up a work out to get off my butt and use it. Brother is setting up a work shop area in the basement...something that is needed. I will start cleaning out the garage and reorganizing it when it warms up a bit. I already did the camping gear so the garage can't be far behind. Playing computer games about 3 hours per day...lots of stuff to kill Susan collected over 400 movies and we are watching a couple each week.

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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Not much other than contemplating the fuzz in my navel!
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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Been doing yard work weather permitting, and helping the wife with her Spring cleaning, watching NCIS reruns and dreaming of some of the camping trips that I planed during the Winter that I probably won't be able to do, oh well if we survive this there is always next year...

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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    I’m cutting next winters supply of fire wood now, before the ticks and mosquitos come out.
    Deb has vegetable seeds sprouting in her green house ...
    Looks like we’ll be putting a big garden this year like we used to do when the kids were younger.
    No telling what vegetables will be available this summer ...


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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Working on bike projects new and old; rebuilding my friends '79 gl1000, reviving a '82 cb650sc that I got last fall for $100, surfing the net to find a leesurelite std to buy, putting a rear main seal in the vw trike to stop the oil leak, sanding the body on the vw trike to give it a nicer paint job, putting a stock airbox on the '77 cb550f I picked up in Florida this winter, giving the '78 cb550k that I got last fall a good going over in the hopes of putting some miles on it soon, and trying to keep my wife from going stir crazy 'cause she likes to get out every day. I was going to clean up the shop to make work easier but that keeps falling down the list, every time I start cleaning I find a part I was saving for a bike project, so I pull that bike out too! It's getting rather messy out there! How much time do I have to finish?

    When they set us loose again, we should have a motocamper flashmob at Loleta as a warm-up.
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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    I have been staying home more than normal. Being retired helps but my wife is still working most days.

    For the last few years I go hiking with some of my retired riding buddy's on M-W-F We do trail maintenance, cutting limbs and trees that the snow and winds brought down. We also spread sand on the iced up grades. One of the guys headed south with his bride to visit grand babies in Southern California. They where coming back just as the corona virus hit so they are still south. My other buddy's wife works at the hospital... so I have been walking alone.

    With all the kids out of school I noticed the little ones trying to ride their bikes but there is so much gravel they are having a hard time so I got the broom out and swept the cul-de-sac. While I was sweeping my wife took each of our 5 bikes out for her first ride of the year.
    I am trying to get up the gumption to refinish all of our wood window sills. We will see how that goes
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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    I'm mostly haunting my own house.

    ...Catching up on some yard work, getting started on some smaller, then larger projects that have been on my after-I-retire list anyway. Getting better at guitar. Watching TV, spending more time on the interwebs than I oughta.
    I was taking some hikes with the dog on local trails where I rarely come across anyone else, but with the recent spate of rain and cold weather, that's been put on hold a bit. Very muddy.
    My wife and I starting taking rides in the car just to get out, or sometimes it's just me on the motorcycle, but now even that's getting the hairy eyeball from the gubmint. They want everybody to stay at home here unless they really have to go someplace.

    Lucky, it's a big old house with a lot of rooms. I like to be outdoors, but I really don't feel cooped up....yet.

    I usually hibernate during the winters anyway, making motocamping plans while I wait for better weather. Since I usually don't start making my first motorcycle trips until late April or early May, I don't feel I've missed out on much....again...yet.

    If this stuff keeps up well into the summer months though, I may start to get....twitchy.
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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Doing some long needed remodeling. New vinyl plank floors in the kitchen, dining room and hallway. Replacing the 75 year old door casings in the hallway, 5 doors.
    Probably paint some of the rooms in the house. Bike and trailer were cleaned during the winter so that's off the list.
    Other than that, just pulling out what little hair I have left!
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    Re: So whatís everyone doing during to pass the time?

    Still too cold here to work in the garage (Mini Mate storage) or the shed (bike storage). Puttering about. Some cleaning, some planning, some video editing... and too much eating.

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