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Unless the US gov is totally lying about this virus being fairly mild, it just doesn't make sense. More die around here from bad meth than any virus. Actually, more die from random shootings here, a few get shot every night around central Alabama mostly drug related. We've had far more deaths over the years from virus outbreaks and nothing was shut down like it is now. Maybe the fatality rate is ebola or MERS level and they ain't sayin... Doesn't make sense, people are panicked around here. Never seen the grocery store shelves cleaned out week after week. Aren't we talking a .07% to 3% kill ratio? Unless thats BS, it doesn't sound that deadly. More like China trying to get rid of the older folks with a mild virus that targets our weaker immune systems.
The main issue is the fact that it is so very contagious. Folks with no symptoms spread it around for a week, before they have any personal issues. The folks they shared with run the spectrum of responses, from mild fever and a cough, to needing to be on a respirator/life support for two weeks. Then there's the recovery period. It is just sneaky. If you want facts, check out the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html If there's no information, they're updating data (I just had a moment of panic when the US map was empty).