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Thread: national and state parks

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    Re: national and state parks

    So far all parks are still open in Texas'

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    Re: national and state parks

    This morning's news. The National Parks are still open...with a few adjustments...
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    Re: national and state parks

    Quote Originally Posted by menhir View Post
    this morning's news. The national parks are still open...with a few adjustments...
    cowan gap state park will be open for camping,cabins,cottages,thru april 30.all events have been canceled.i hope it continues thru may.

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    Re: national and state parks

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C-G View Post
    The parks closures in Alberta, Canada were an "economic" closure by the provincial government as they were "under-utilized". Damned conservatives. Not all the parks were closed. Unless they close down all travel within Canada and the US, it would make sense to keep the parks open and let people get away from people.
    I would not be too quick to ridicule the conservatives Jim..its mote about Trudope and his agenda 21.. google Behind the Green mask agenda 21 Our PM is in soft dictatorship mode and its about to get ugly..check out the UN global compact to find out what their plans r for us....they r NOT good!

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    Re: national and state parks

    Regarding the link in post#12 about Illinois state parks closing...the link is just the usual listing of partial closings over winter hours & closings due to hunting seasons...last weekend...the governor of IL closed all state parks & recreation areas due to virus is more informative link for IL state DNR closings until further notice...

    looks like many of us who look forward to riding in IL state parks & camping in them will have to "stand-by"...seems there have been some national parks & historic sites being closed since last weekend...

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    Re: national and state parks

    The main problem is the parking areas. Folks just can't help but hang around their cars and yak. A lot of parks in my area continued to remain open, but folks couldn't keep their distance in the parking areas. Not possible because too many folks had the same idea, "lets go hiking."

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    Re: national and state parks

    About this story. It's just Alaskans that can still travel from the main part of the state to SE Alaska and return. The Alaskan towns of Haines and Skagway are connected to the Canadian road system for shopping etc. I do not believe we can just be running around as tourist in Canada.
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    Re: national and state parks

    Indiana State Parks are closed. 🥺
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