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Thread: Aspen Will No Longer Manufacture Trailers

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    Re: Aspen Will No Longer Manufacture Trailers

    My wife and I bought our Aspen Classic last year and plan to tow it with our car. We got tired of sleeping on the ground but did not want to buy a trailer that required buying a large SUV to pull it. The Aspen Classic is the perfect size. You can pull it with a small car, you are not sleeping on the ground, and there is plenty of room inside to stay if the weather gets bad. I do not know how much advertising Aspen did out of the Motorcycle groups for their trailers. Their web pages show them behind small cars. Maybe the people without motorcycles just want large campers. It is a shame because the Aspen camper is a very nice camper.

    Just my 2 cents
    Roger L

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    Re: Aspen Will No Longer Manufacture Trailers

    I have been watching some of the videos on you tube for campers and set up. I can't believe how much is involved in setting some of them up. Our Aspen Classic is one of the older ones with some poles on the outside and sets up in a matter of minutes depending on how pokey I feel. Plus I don't have to go around tucking in corners, flaps and so on. I am in amazement as to why they don't have a bigger following and sales numbers. We in North Dakota have lots of space and a good work force if they want to move to someplace more 'user friendly'! I do believe I could find them a spot to manufacture in Grand Forks where I live in a day or so. Some spots easy to get to I 29 also.

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