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    Community suggestion

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone considered setting up a Discord channel for the group. One of my many hobbies is PC gaming and I use Discord a lot for organizing events and every day gaming life. So would anyone be interested in setting one up or would the group even use a Discord sever channel.

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    Re: Community suggestion

    Oh and by the way Discord is free!!!

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    Re: Community suggestion

    Being an old fart that doesn't live on the computer or internet, I've never heard of it. Exactly what is it and what do we use it for?
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    Re: Community suggestion

    Discord is a VOIP voice over internet provider. It is an application that can be used to-talk,chat,share videos, pictures and links. As a community tool it has a lot of uses. It helps community from all over stay connected and organize. As I have said it is free and very useful and can help this community to communicate better with each other.
    P.s it also has a IPhone and Android app that you can download for free.

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    Re: Community suggestion

    As another computer illiterate person, don't we have the ability to do all those things on this Forum? I can see the photos and videos here OK but not sure about chat as I don't use that thing.


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    Re: Community suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond M View Post
    Oh and by the way Discord is free!!!
    you just joined in Jan.I think we all chat very well.I'm 87 yrs.old and too old to change.

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    Re: Community suggestion

    Ray, You're fighting a losing battle here. We're all too old to change...

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    Re: Community suggestion

    Great idea, but I am with The Turtle....

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