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Thread: Camper tongue weight

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    Re: Camper tongue weight

    Another way to think about it for those who ride solo and their hitch is mounted to the frame above the suspension .Even though it is a bit farther back it is still much less than the weight of a passenger. Unfortunately with CanAm Spyders the hitch is attached to the swing arm and all the weight is solid on the rear wheel and wheel bearing , not distributed across any other part of the bike. This also means if the rear tire hits a hole or expansion ridge all the tongue weight applied uncushioned to rear wheel and bearing .

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    Re: Camper tongue weight

    Quote Originally Posted by jkane13 View Post
    There are other threads on this. It is a highly debatable issue! McHitch will not give me a rating on their hitch. Harley only says putting a hitch on voids the warranty. So, I am on my own! I will say I have had about 75 lbs of tongue weight when fully loaded. That is the sweet spot where it does not sway. I prefer it not sway rather than set some arbitrary weight amount. I know 75 is more than it should be, but it is what works best!
    McHitch hasn't been arourd for a few years. I seem to recall reading that the owner passed away.
    Anyways I purchased a McHitch back in 08/2015. Before I purchased the hitch, I spoke with someone there named Todd Sappenfield. I asked him about the capacities of the hitch. He told me:
    40 lb tongue weight
    400 lb trailer weight

    HitchDoc also reports a 40 lbs capacity for tongue weight.
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    Re: Camper tongue weight

    My Denray hitch is rated for 50 lb. For liability, I know they are sure it isn't going to break at 51 lb. and and probably are rating it 20% less than what they are sure it will take. I did have one setup on the Mini Mate when I put a 7' tongue on it where I hit 90 lb. of tongue weight. All that extra length just asked to be filled lol. Anyway, I am running a 6' tongue now with a tongue weight of 60-65 lb. and a trailer weight of 450-500 lb. I've been very comfortable with this set up for the last few trips, approximately 10,000 km.

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    Re: Camper tongue weight

    I have a MCHITCH that came off my 2012 Limited. Should fit 2009 to 2013. looks almost new 1/2 price..... $125.00 free ship to continental U.S, High quality!
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    Re: Camper tongue weight

    Quote Originally Posted by dan1551 View Post
    I have a MCHITCH that came off my 2012 Limited. Should fit 2009 to 2013. looks almost new 1/2 price..... $125.00 free ship to continental U.S, High quality!
    The McHitch is a well made hitch. The other advantage the McHitch has over some of the other ones is if you are interested in running a rear shock on your motorcycle with a remote reservoir (ie Ohlins), it will fit with this hitch.
    I run an Ohlins HD-357, and they wouldn't fit with my Bushtec hitch.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    Re: Camper tongue weight

    Test post, ignore

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