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Thread: 11th Annual Cherohala Chill Out date for 2020....

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    Re: 11th Annual Cherohala Chill Out date for 2020....

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    I remember you have a lot of talent and a lot of info that is helpful to everyone that travels and camps. I enjoy reading those how toís post you made in the past and they gave me ideas of my own to build from. Even if you canít ride anymore you sure can continue to help us that travel or are just getting into motocamping. I sure hope you can get back to sharing those with us and even come up with new ideas to help everyone.Someday I will not be able to motocamp or may not want to anymore,but hope I can pass along what I have learned from you and others and gained through experience,to others just getting into motorcycles and camping. There are many who want to give it a try,but donít have a clue where to start or just need a little push or information to get started. People like you that have the knowledge and talent to make things,can make motocamping better for everyone.
    Thanks for the complement Fabricator .. I still "make things" for camping and such .. just don't show them anymore ... I stopped because I was accused of "Beating my own drum" so to speak ... (they know who they are) It wasn't worth the hassle ...

    My "unofficial" job here now seems to be to rattle chains ...

    I've done so much with so little for so long ... Now I can do nearly anything with almost nothing.


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    Re: 11th Annual Cherohala Chill Out date for 2020....

    I had a deer hit me, coming out of a ditch, 2PM one summer day.
    I was in my work car near KC MO. I just saw the head, and impact
    was made before I could move foot from gas to brake. Cop came and
    he removed a large chunk of meat from dent between door and fender.

    Some one stopped and asked if I was ok? I told them I just saw the head.
    They said it turned around, headed back to ditch, before I hit it. LOL

    All I could think about was what if I had been on my TRIKE.
    Happened so fast I could not react. Glad your OK!


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    Re: 11th Annual Cherohala Chill Out date for 2020....

    OK Boys and Girls, I'm back in the saddle with this new to me 2012 V-Strom with 7K miles. I'll be moving all the farkles off of my "deer" bike and onto this one then all I need is a can of black paint and Iím set!

    Otherwise I am feeling 98% with only minor pain in my upper thigh. Knee and ribs are just fine and I really appreciate all of the texts and emails checking in on me.

    Looking forward to another motocamper event but hopefully 100% drama free since Iím 2 for 2 on the drama spectrum.


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    2011 FLHTK
    Lees-ure Lite

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