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Thread: black water falls trip.

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    Re: black water falls trip.

    I sure hope you,linda and jim,heal quickly and get back on the road and your travels.

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    Re: black water falls trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayceesfolly View Post

    You have my sympathy, I tore my shoulder rotator cuff and will have it operated on Jan 6th. And then to add insult to injury, I have to have my shoulder joint rebuilt at the same time. My riding season may be in doubt for next season, or at least the early Spring part. Not sure when I can get back on the bike. Surgeon said it may take 6 months for healing and rehab. I am not a happy camper.

    sorry to hear jim...I already know I need to be out back together..been broken 2x before.. at 16, in 1999 and now this..the docs just torture us by waiting4 it to knit when its not gong to.. can tell from previous injuries......find out jan 14th it ws a nightmare last time too long astory to type with left finger.....goodluck!

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