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Thread: Tag along trailer problem

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    Tag along trailer problem

    Iím going to go to Maggie Valley in a week for the Canam rally, and going to take the trailer because wife is going, and we need more room of course. Iíve never took it over about 80 miles from home, and this is going to be a little over 400 one way, so decided to take it out for a few short outings before we left. Hooked it up today, and we were going down the road, and I looked in mirror, and the lid flew open. I was only going around 40mph, thankfully, stopped and thought maybe Iíd forgot to lock it. It was locked, felt inside, and latch on lid was gone, I figured Iíd broke it off, so tied it shut, got home, and found it and screw inside of trailer. The screw had come out, and the latch had came off. The screw has all of about 3-4 threads on it. Why itís so short Iíll never know, put a longer screw, and lock tight on it, hopefully this will fix it. Think Iíll put a strap on it for insurance from now on. Anyone else ever have this problem ? Sorry so long

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    Re: Tag along trailer problem

    I've got a regular trailer tongue box on my camper and I had it come open going down the road. Not really sure why but it broke the latch as well. Not the latch itself but there was a second lid attached to the inside of the regular lid and it came apart. Weld broke... Of course it was aluminum and I can't weld aluminum so I had to bolt it back on. It works, that's all that matters.
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    Re: Tag along trailer problem

    the shape of your trailer pod creates a lot of aerodynamic lift. At 40mph, with a little headwind, small planes will fly (and they weigh lots more than your lid). Mine blew open once because of the tiny screw. Your new bolt will probably fix it, but I bolted mine through the trailer body with a lock nut on the other side. Looked OK and had no more problems.


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    Re: Tag along trailer problem

    Marr, welcome to the forum from Missouri. I have both tag and Minimate camping
    trailers. I’ve had minor issues with both. Nyloc nuts have solved my problems. You
    may also give some thought to periodic trailer maintenance. Repack bearings,
    condition of the spare tire etc. It’s often easier and cheaper to do this at home.
    Enjoy your trip.

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    Re: Tag along trailer problem

    Yes I've had that screw fall out also and put a longer screw in.
    I also put staps over to have it secured better as shown.
    I just bought a pair of rubber hood latches to replace the plastic latches it came with.
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