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Thread: North Georgia Rider

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Iíve not camped with the bike or an overnight stay at a hotel yet. Iím getting tips from you guys by searching the forum about various options. Iíve camped all my life but never on a motorcycle so this is somewhat new to me.

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Thanks Meach and youíre right, itís been smoking hot! The one forum guy I met had a new 650 V-Strom and he loved that bike.

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Start small and don't jump in too deep and buy a ton of equipment or go on a thousand mile, month long camping trip. Ask anyone on here and they will tell you that their brand of camper is the best, and they're right (for them). Try to make a camp-out or two before you decide so you can check out a few campers or tents. Or even if you want to try this crazy way of camping.
    Just you on the bike or have you talked the better half into going along?
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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Quote Originally Posted by Unclet View Post
    I rode to Suches on 28 Sep and there were a few guys I met from Tennessee and Kentucky who told me about this site. They gave me their forum names but I canít remember what they were. It was a pleasure learning about their love of moto camping so I figured I would become part of the family.

    Thanks for a great source of information on motorcycle camping!

    BTW, I have an 86 Honda GoldWing with 34,000 miles thatís in great condition. Attachment 23402
    Hey Unclet glad you found us! Iím Steve from Kentucky (the fat guy of the three), make yourself at home and if you have any questions at all just ask! There are some great folks on here who will be happy to help you with whatever you may need. Donít be shy, jump right in! Jerry and John are still on the road ending up at the Barber Motorcycle Festival this weekend.

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Glad to see another Georgian in here. What Ziggy said. There are some great folks in here. Welcome.

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Another hand waving from Va.. Can't beat the N.Ga. riding..have stayed and ridden out of the Ellijay area a few times. Welcome aboard. B.
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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Howdy to North Georgia,

    Currently living in North Idaho, 60 miles from the Canadian Border.

    Planning a permanent move to South Georgia (Colquitt County) during the middle of winter. Would this be a good forum to sell off my snow shovels, snow blower and Muk- Luks?

    Moving to Georgia: Cant Shovel Rain.
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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    welcome i`m new to this site also did the camp out at Black Water falls W V. HAD A GREAT TIME I`M FROM NORTH CAROLINA IN THE FOOT HILLS .

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    Re: North Georgia Rider

    Welcome from South Texas. Always something to learn from here.

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