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Thread: GPX files from Google Maps?

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    GPX files from Google Maps?

    Is this possible? Google maps are so easy, and Garmin's mapping software is so arcane.

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    Re: GPX files from Google Maps?

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    Re: GPX files from Google Maps?

    Quote Originally Posted by Macjohno View Post
    ...Garmin's mapping software is so arcane.
    I totally agree.

    And I did put in the effort to learn Basecamp. Hours and hours. I still hate it and don't use it anymore.
    I don't need a compass to know which way the wind shines.

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    Re: GPX files from Google Maps?

    You might try Furkot. I think it's much more user friendly than Basecamp.

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    Re: GPX files from Google Maps?


    You may want to check out Mappite.

    It's not a trip planning program: It won't schedule your hotel stops or help you choose your route. It just follows your chosen route from where you is to where you ain't, but where you wanna be...The way you wanna get there. Fancy, it ain't.

    It's a dead-simple way to create a road route and transfer it to your GPS. Not a big learning curve. No 50 page manuals and endless web tutorials telling you how easy it is. :-)

    Warning! I'll admit that I haven't planned many routes on it. I mostly just played with it up to this point, but...

    The first time I actually planned a route on Mappite and transferred it to my Garmin, it was my commute. That's about 30 miles each way with a lot of turns and a combination of suburban and interstate roads that my GPS would never route me on by default. Since I ride that route every day I'd know if Mappite wasn't directing me exactly the way I planned. I thought that would be a fair test.

    It did. Flawlessly.

    OK, that's hardly a large sample, but it's the first time I used a route planner, including MapSource, Basecamp, Furkot or Tyre, that routed me the way I planned right "out of the box" the first time I tried it.

    It's worth looking at.

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    Re: GPX files from Google Maps?

    I just checked out the website for "mappite". I had never heard of it before. It appears to be pretty user friendly and the instructions on how to use it are simple, as in plain English but, I will need to find some more time to play around with it. I hope that loading a route onto my old Garmin 276c will work.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!!

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    Re: GPX files from Google Maps?

    It's been a few years, but I used to do it. I have no idea who I did it though! Makes me think they no longer have a save as GPX option.
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