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    Atlas Hitch

    While in Sturgis I enjoy checking out the various new motorcycle related products and accessories. At the Black Hills vendor park, I saw a product called "Atlas Hitch". This product allows one to transport a motorcycle via the hitch on your vehicle. Have other people seen this product and what do you think?
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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    At 1:00 he says the tow vehicle needs a 600 lb tongue weight capacity! That eliminates most tow vehicles other than big trucks. The price is pretty high too. I'd rather ride mine and use a cheaper trailer if I have to tow it home after a break down. That trailer gets more like 100-200# tongue weight.

    It's a cool idea, but over engineered for what it does.

    What I would like to use it for, is as a substitute to a toy hauler! Put a 2" receiver on my big camper, and tow the bike behind it. But, 600# is a lot of tongue weight!
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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    A non-running engine doesn’t provide lubrication to the transmission.
    Should the chain be removed? What about shaft drive?
    I think a trailer is easier on the bike.

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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    Very cool idea but as stated a bit high tongue weight and it aint cheap either.
    I would go with a harbor freight trailer Set up for a bike first for that price .
    His idea of something light for his wife to recover him is cool but a light trailer with just a rail will work for as often as I would use it

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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    I can't see why you would need that high of tongue weight unless you're hauling the whole bike on it. The front end of the bike can't weight that much.

    Many years ago my brother in law hauled his Harley from PA to Mississippi using a home made hitch like that one. A simple 2" square tube with a hole drilled through it for the axle. Disconnected the chain, tied a couple safety ropes to it and that was it. No problems at all for the thousand miles or what ever it was down there.
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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    There is also a dozen other ones out there for less than half the price, now they dont have the ease to connect to the hitch but they are there

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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    One problem I see is what happens if while towing the bike, it hits a pothole and drops into first gear?

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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    I'd do THIS a 1000 times over before I'd do the Atlas..

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    Re: Atlas Hitch

    I would have the same concerns as SLK50 brought up. Not sure about motorcycles but most cars cannot be towed with the drive wheels down because of transmission issues.

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