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Thread: Using Cellphones in Canada

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    Using Cellphones in Canada

    I'm one of those few people in the Universe who doesn't use a cellphones/Smart phones. I have a tracfone with minutes that allows me to call in the US without worrying about data plans or contracts.

    Next week I'm heading to Canada for a week long road trip but have just discovered that my tracfone service doesn't work outside the US. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cellphone/SIM card that can work in Canada or in other countries? I'm really just interested in something I can buy and just use while I'm there for emergencies, calling my friend's phone, or my wife back in the US.

    - Wolf

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    You may be able to go to a Canadian Walmart and buy a prepaid phone similar to what your currently doing.
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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    Thank you. That's a good idea.

    - Wolf

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    The only problem I can see is that you may to be able to make international calls. Canada to US is international.
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