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Thread: Using Cellphones in Canada

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    Using Cellphones in Canada

    I'm one of those few people in the Universe who doesn't use a cellphones/Smart phones. I have a tracfone with minutes that allows me to call in the US without worrying about data plans or contracts.

    Next week I'm heading to Canada for a week long road trip but have just discovered that my tracfone service doesn't work outside the US. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cellphone/SIM card that can work in Canada or in other countries? I'm really just interested in something I can buy and just use while I'm there for emergencies, calling my friend's phone, or my wife back in the US.

    - Wolf

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    You may be able to go to a Canadian Walmart and buy a prepaid phone similar to what your currently doing.
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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    Thank you. That's a good idea.

    - Wolf

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    The only problem I can see is that you may to be able to make international calls. Canada to US is international.
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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    My Canadian cell phone service allows me to make all the long distance calls I want both Canada and USA, but when I'm down in the USA I can't make free calls back to Canada, I have to boost up my package.


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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    Doubt that you'll be able to get any kind of a pre paid phone up here for anything less than $70 and then you still have to get 'plan' of some type.

    You might want to check out this SIM card to see if it'll work on your present phone and give them a try(?)

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    If that was my plan of action, I would try this..... Ask around or check freecycle on the internet for a used smartphone that's not being used anymore (usually for free), request a free sim card from Google Fi - $20/mo. plus $10 for a gig of data (required) - and your good for a month. No contracts, cancel anytime, accommodates international calling. I've been on Fi for three years now and it has served me just fine all across the US. Best thing about it is the cancellation or pause anytime and start up again whenever needed. Good luck with your search.

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    Have you called Tracphone? How to Speak to a Live Person: Call 1-800-867-7183 and you will get an automated voice system. Press 1, Press 1, press 6, press 2, press 5, press 2, say “i don't have one” and you will be placed on hold to speak to a live customer service agent at Tracfone.

    Maybe they can advise what you should do?

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    Re: Using Cellphones in Canada

    How about a Spot 2 satellite locator beacon? This unit allows you to text to any phone for communication between you and another person. It's not as good as a regular cell phone because you can't talk directly but you can text another person plus you have satellite communication for emergency SOS help. Also, Garmin has the same satellite locators as well as other manufacturers. Google "satellite locators" I used an old Spot 1 for a couple of years because I traveled alone most of the time and it was good insurance in case of emergency and you needed to call emergency services.

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